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Title screen
Intro sequence
Major Matoko Kusanagi, jacked into the Fuchikoma tank.
Fuchikoma is about to crash the party.
The Fuchikoma - a versatile and agile walking tank.
Ready to get to know your new tank?
Besides your Balkan S-A rifles, you can lock on up to 6 missiles against all in-range targets.
Equipped standard with wall and ceiling walking capabilities.
Post-training grade FMV. Looks like we didn't do so hot.
Training stage 2 is a tunnel between 1 and 3. Watch out for pop-up targets.
Training stage 3 takes place on the double tower high-rise in the middle of the level.
We did okay, but the Major's still not impressed.
Training stage 6 pits you against one of your own. He's no match for circle-strafing.
At the end of each training session, you'll be graded.
At the start of each Mission level, you'll be briefed with a map and description, just like in the Anime.
They're not the brightest, but these tanks in Mission 1 pack missiles too.
Taking out a helicopter in the available 1st-person mode. Just hit select to give it a try.
Locking onto a mine in Mission 2's sewers. Up ahead are a grenade and shield powerup.
The B-type grenade, your general all-purpose area-effect weapon.
Apparently, he wasn't thrilled with that grenade. Luckily, we can dodge.
A heavily-armored flying mech.
The best thing to do here was to slip around him, up the wall, and onto the ceiling. He's a little slow, so it gives you a better chance to attack.
I'm trying to charge my missiles, and you fire repeatedly at me. Have some respect, people
A timed mission! Great! As if we don't have enough time limits in real life
The first on-rails mission puts you on a small boat in the sea
The second on-rails mission puts you on a highway
No, nothing wrong with the settings. I'm just on the side of the wall!
This mission takes place at night. I'm on the roof, trying to take this heavily guarded grenade
Uh-oh, that guy has missiles too...
Nice angle, right? Great to send missiles...
Enemy base infiltrated
Hey, that hurts! Drop the flamethrower, or.. or... I will... err... die, you know
Throwing a grenade down the shaft
One of the later levels. Now this looks pretty funky...

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