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PlayStation version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Hero at his house. This really looks like SNES...
...until you go out. Pre-rendered backgrounds: clearly 32-bit generation
Character screen
Town center. Fancy basketball?..
Chatting at the school entrance
It's just a straight way...
Pretty stylish oriental village...
First battle: bully
Fighting random frogs at night
Wow, what a view!..
Short pre-rendered movie: aliens attack!..
Military base
Beautiful sunset, poisonous snakes... Almost like Schopenhauer: "The World As Will And Representation"
I've always wanted a fried boss
World map
Cute random creatures on the world map
Fighting wolves in a forest
Why do so many RPG heroes end up in prison?..
Game help
The people in this city dig cherry blossom...
The party takes on a pack of rats
These guys mean business!..
Finally, a friendly city!..
You can't pass!..
Zoo entrance