Gran Turismo 2 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The Fast and the Beautiful. The Introduction movie uses high-res versions of the models and looks splendid.
Title screen.
Solid Snake. The Dodge Viper takes an early lead in the race in this rear view shot.
Nothing but open road. Unlike many racing games, the first person view is just as useful as the third person. In fact, you get more sensation from the dips and banks in the roads in this mode.
Arcade mode disc main menu.
She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. Through modification, you can boost some cars in simulation mode to outrageous levels of power.
She'll make point five beyond the speed of light. Taking our overly-suped up car out for a test drive...
Welcome to Gran Turismoville. The main menu of the simulation mode allows you to do everything from visiting the various dealers to getting a car wash.
Midnight Racer. Lining up for a late night jaunt through a downtown highway.
How much for an exterior polishing job? Modifications, even like this simple port and polish, can increase the horsepower of your purchased cars and make them contenders.
Beep-beep. Among the heavy weights like the Viper are much less impressive, but no less likeable cars, like this Mini Cooper that maxes out around eighty miles and hour.
The South Side of Town. Each quarter of town is home to a distinctive nationality group of car makers, such as the North American ones shown here.
Passing on the left. Pardon me. A Lotus sports car tries to bypass the competition.
Far east cars. The East side of town is home to the Asian manufacturers, which boast the most impressive lists of cars in the game.
Gran Turismo 2. It's not just for pavement anymore. Taking a modified car out for a rally race.
Wheel shop: You can buy wheels of different designs for your car.