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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (UK):

    Split-screen two-player modes.

    Eleven tracks.

    Ultra realistic replays.

    Over 290 licensed cars from the world's top manufacturers.

    The most detailed and absorbing racing simulation ever.

    Contributed by Reborn_Demon (124) on Jul 05, 2008.

From www.us.playstation.com:
    Polyphony Digital provides the final word on racing simulators with Gran Turismo, one of the most realistic and comprehensive racing games ever made. Featuring over 160 real-life cars from authentic manufacturers, 11 tracks, and the ability to realistically upgrade your cars, Gran Turismo is a world streamlined for the car enthusiast. Those looking for a quick spin around the track will enjoy the simplified arcade mode, while true gearheads will swoon over the deep simulation mode. Earn money by racing, and then spend that prize money to modify your wheels. As your prestige rises and you amass a fortune, your customized garage will swell with new cars, each tweaked to your demanding specifications. In addition to racing, you will have to earn three different licenses by participating in a series of racing tests that show your prowess in driving techniques like braking, cornering, multiple cornering, and more. A two-player versus mode allows you and a friend to race your customized crafts in an autoduel for ultimate supremacy.

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (544) on Sep 11, 2001.