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Zero to sixty...and maybe just a little more. Because of the more realistic nature of Gran Turismo, slow, but agile cars like this Honda Civic can sometimes beat 'Vettes on tight, curvy tracks.
I'm ready for my close-up. The replays in the GT series are always beautiful.
American Muscle. One of the many higher end cars in the game in one of the many colors available.
In the driver's seat. First person view gives you a good feel for the road, but third person tends to give you better positioning.
Classic Vette, classic Vette spinout. These occur all too often when you're starting out.
Over the river and through some tunnels... Gran Turismo tracks cover a number of different sceneries.
Night rider. Some tracks take place at night and feature some nice lighting effects.
Title screen.
Here you can buy a car, go race, and manage your garage.
In at the Dodge dealership.
Pick a car you'll most likely never afford. ;)
Oohh, Viper !
In at Mitsubishi.
The Mitsubishi FTO GR.
The Mitsubishi GTO.
Testing my maximum speed.
Woo hoo ! 158 MPH unmodified !!!
First place in the record list.
A close up shot from the replay mode.
You can choose to have all your stats on screen as well.
The arcade mode of Gran Turismo.
What racing game would be complete without at least one muscle car? For those of you who are wondering what the 427 stands for, that's how many cubic inches all eight cylinders hold. That's HUGE.
The 427 accelerates it faster than almost any car in the game.
But like every muscle car, the brakes suck.