Herc's Adventures Credits

Big Ape Productions

Game DesignDean Sharpe, Mike Ebert
Lead ProgrammerDean Sharpe
ProgrammersJeff Hall, Alex Michaluk
Additional Programming SupportDean Grandquist
Lead Art DesignMike Ebert
2d ArtistSean Turner

LucasArts Entertainment Company

Production ManagerCamela Boswell
Product Marketing ManagerBarbara Gleason
Production CoordinatorsSusan Upshaw, Kim Kowalski
Lead Artist/DesignerPeter Tsaykel
2d AnimatorsKevin Boyle, Mark Hamer, Martin Yee, Chris Miles, Anson Jew, Leonard Robel
Ink and Paint ArtistKim Lyons
Cutscene EffectsMichael Levine
Art TechsJillian Moffett, James Byers, Kim Gresko
Music Composition/ManagerMichael Z. Land
Music ConsultantPeter McConnell
Associate Sound DesignerJulian Kwasneski
Sound Dept. CoordinatorKristen Becht
Additional Music Composition for Earwax ProdcutionsAndy Newell
Sound Composition for Jumpin' Jack SoftwareBrad Van Tighem
Sound CompositionCreek Hart
Voice DirectorDarragh O'Farrell
Senior Voice EditorKhris Brown
Assistant Voice EditorCoya Elliott
Voice Dept. CoordinatorPeggy Bartlett
Voice of AtlantaRachel Reenstra
Voice of AthenaLois Nettleton
Voice of HadesCastulo Guerra
Voice of HeraPatty Parris
Voice of DionysusMichael Gough
Voice of Zeus & PoseidonTom Wyner
Voice of Jason, Bronze Guy & Big SoldierWally Wingert
Voice of Minotaur, HellDog & SoldierPatrick Fraley
Q.A. ManagerMark Cartwright
Q.A. SupervisorDan Connors
Q.A. Lead TesterAdam Pasztory
Q.A. TestersDana Fong, Deidre Anderson, Stuart Malkin, Jason Lauborough, Leland Y. Chee, Leon Susen, Michael Dillon, Todd Stritter, Scott Douglas
CD Burning Godess and Burning assistantTwinkyWendy Kaplan, Kellie Walker
Manual Written byJo Ashburn, Dana Fong, Camela Boswell
Manual, Package & CD designSoo Hoo Design
Package IllustrationSteve Purcell
Product Support ManagerDan Gossett
Public Relations ManagerTom Sarris
Public Relations AssociateHeather Twist
Sales Operations ManagerJason Horstman
National Sales ManagerMeredith Cahill

Very Special Thanks

George Lucas

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Michael Z. Land, 44 other games
Kim Lyons, 44 other games
Khris Brown, 38 other games
Wendy Kaplan, 38 other games
Kellie Walker, 38 other games
Heather Twist, 37 other games
Leland Y. Chee, 33 other games
Peter Tsaykel, 30 other games
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Dan Gossett, 26 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Leonard Robel (48)