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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall User Score (6 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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IGN (Mar 31, 2000)
Clap Hanz Limited did something amazing. They took a nearly perfect formula and improved on it, adding better control, better graphics, more options, and just making it more fun. If you like golf at all, hell, even if you DON'T, pick up a copy of Hot Shots 2.
The Video Game Critic (May 25, 2008)
If Hot Shots 2 has a flaw, it lies in its irritating audio effects. They really went overboard with the wind sounds, and some idiot yells "C'mon hurry up!" every ten seconds. Also, some of the Japanese-translated dialogue doesn't come across very well ("You are decent!"). I also have to take issue with the "fold-up" manual, which is difficult to open and reference. Who's idea was that anyway?? All in all, this is another great Hot Shots game, but it's a questionable upgrade if you already own the first one.
This game's a keeper. Sony's done a great job to take a golf game to a higher level. The graphics are top-notch, the playability is great and the characters keep you entertained. There are so many variations to play and the game is difficult enough to master that it will keep you entertained for hours. If there's anything that could drive you nuts though, it's the background sounds. This is one of those games that you'll keep popping back into the console over and over and realize later that you've just burned a couple of hours. It's just too bad that the miniature golf game didn't make a return visit for Hot Shot Golf 2…now that was a great party game!
Mega Fun (May, 2000)
Everybody's Golf 2 hat alle Qualitäten, die ich von einem Sportspiel erwarte. Obwohl die Bitmap-Grafik der Spielfiguren nicht mehr ganz zeitgemäß erscheint, sind mir diese doch lieber als clippende, pixelige Polygon-Männchen, Mit dem simplen und einfach zu verstehenden Spielprinzip, welches ohne komplexe Equipment-Kenntnis und Know-how auskommt, dürften selbst Einsteiger sofort klar kommen. Aufgrund der abwechslungsreichen Spielvarianten bietet dieses Game erneut eine immense Spieltiefe, die selbst nach Wochen intensiven Zockens noch nicht ganz ausgereizt sein dürfte. Diese positiven Neuerungen zusammen mit einer nicht ganz so steril wirkenden Grafik machen Everybody‘s Golf 2 zu der neuen Referenz in diesem Genre, verweisen alle Hardcore-Simulationen auf die hinteren Plätze und lösen damit den ebenfalls grandiosen Vorgänger ab.
For sheer fun factor, very few games can match the appeal of Hot Shots Golf 2. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or hardcore golfer, Hot Shots Golf 2 will grab you and never let go. It's a definite improvement over the first game, so even if you've played that one, this is still a worthy purchase.
PSX Extreme (Apr 05, 2000)
The control hasn't changed much, hitting the golf ball is still done by timing. All that is explained in the Tutorial and it is explained much clearer so you should take a look in there, therefore I will just skip to the ending. Hot Shots Golf 2 is somewhat plagued by a few things, although not enough to make it a bad sequel. Those who played HSG to the death should pick up HSG2, those who didn't should at least rent.
Video Games (May, 2000)
An den Comic-Stil gewöhnt man sich recht schnell – zumal die Präsentation mit netten Animationen, witzigen Kameraperspektiven und einer fehlerfreien Darstellung der Kurse an sich sehr gut gelungen ist. Auch die Controls geben sich eingängig und werden Anfänger vor keinerlei größere Probleme stellen, bieten aber Profis immer noch genug Freiraum zum Herumprobieren. Langzeit-Motivation dürfte durch die zahlreichen versteckten Gimmicks genug vorhanden sein und wer schon alles kennt, kann ja immer noch mit drei Kumpels auf den Rasen ziehen. Mir hat's fast schon so gut gefallen, wie Cyber Tiger.
GameSpot (Mar 08, 2000)
While Hot Shots Golf 2 isn't a huge step up from the original game, it's still a great example of how a sequel should be done - by making small but important revisions to the gameplay without sacrificing the formula that made the first game such a hit. Arcade-style golfing may not be a game that deserves a yearly update like most other sports games, but Hot Shots Golf 2 proves that the genre at least deserves more games like it.
Gamekult (Oct 09, 2000)
Un jeu de golf amusant pour tous les niveaux, facile à prendre en main : Everybody's Golf 2 vulgarise ce sport trop facilement estampillé "snobinard", sans pour autant tomber dans la facilité. Malgré quelques super-coups très "arcade", les comportements de frappe et la physique de Everybody's Golf 2 sont réalistes et sauront séduire tant les néophytes que les accros du green.
Gamers' Republic (Apr, 2000)
Hot Shots 2 maintains the formula that made the original so highly acclaimed. Those looking for an accurate representation of golf with inviting play mechanics will not go wrong by picking this one up.
PSM (Apr, 2000)
Even with these inherent problems, Hot Shots 2 still manages to beat out CyberTiger, the only other arcade-style golf title to be released within this past half year. However, it does so barely. If you're really a die-hard fan of the first Hot Shots, then still you may want to consider picking this one up (just to see the new courses). others, however, might just want to rent it for a little bit of weekend golf.
70 (May 04, 2000)
En résumé on peut dire que Everybody's Golf 2 reste un jeu orienté arcade très agréable, les commandes étant simples et les graphismes jolis et mignonnets. D'un autre côté, on retrouve encore les mêmes défauts comme ces personnages mal faits et mal intégrés ou cette simplicité de base qui découragera un peu les puristes.
Power Unlimited (Jul, 2000)
Om heel eerlijk te zijn was ik al niet zo onder de indruk van deel 1 en helaas kan ook deze opvolger me niet echt boeien.
Men ma nska ändå komma ihåg att det här är en uppföljare. Och uppföljare som inte överträffar originalet är i alla fall när det gäller sportspel ganska meningslösa. Mitt råd är därför att ni tänker er för innan ni rusar iväg till affären.