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Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing (PlayStation)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing Credits


VP ProductionMichael Rubinelli
Executive ProducerBrian F. Christian
ProducerNathan Rose
Associate ProducerKevin Elrod
Assistant ProducerRyan Kull
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Lead TesterSean C. Heffron
TestersJay Cardellio, Jason Goddard, Victor Didra, Danny Flores, Tom Reyes, Christian Lee, Michael Hixon

Mattel Interactive

ProducersBarry Pringle Sr., Alexander W. Offermann
Sr. ProducerTed Tahquechi
Creative DirectorKeith Kirby
Vice President, Product DevelopmentJeff Goodwin
General Manager, Entertainment DivisionAmy Boylan
QA Technical LeadAdrian Fernandez
QA Software EngineerDon DeLucia
QA Primary TesterTim Phillips
QA TeamJoe Escoto, Hee Won Kang, Humphrey Olivieri
Director of Quality AssuranceRay Boylan
Director of MarketingDebbie Shlens
Assistant Product ManagerLauren Faccidomo-Evans
Marketing CoordinatorDawn Gottula
Packaging ManagerMichelle Dube
Packaging CoordinatorLeslee Pitschke
Vice President, SalesSue Hughes-Taigen
Corporate Product IntegrityKenny B. Bender
Sr. Manager, Business & Legal AffairsCynthia Berry Meyer
Special ThanksTravis Boatman, Jim Balthaser, Robert Bryant, Jonathan S. Correa, Toni DeBerry, Nancy Duarte, Michael Dubose, Joseph Eibert, Steve Feicht, Craig Forrest, David Gordon, Roger Hu, Karen Kelly, Daniel Kwan, Alexander Mousiadis, Dan Owen, Greg Person, Oany Ravelo, Maryhelen Sandoval, Tracey Smith, Julie Takata, Tuan Trinh, Brian Ulinger, April Wright, Sammy the Wonder Beagle

HotGen Studios

Director of DevelopmentMark Fisher (Fish)
QA ManagerPhil Rodkoff
QAStuart Ryall
MusicAlan McDermott
ThanksFergus McGovern


Executive ProducerChristoffer Nilsson
ProducerDan Saedén
ProgrammersThomas Liljetoft, Rodrigo Pérez, Karl Molin, Ola Zandelin, Lars Wireen
ArtistsMichael Nilsson, Martin Noriander (Martin Andersson), Kim Olsen, Nicholas Nilsson, Alex Hartley, Ronnie Nilsson, Johan Mattias Tullgren, Radek Jakubiak, Andreas Engström, David Passgård, Nils Bjarke, Fredrik Alfredsson, Dennis Gustafsson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (54192)