International Superstar Soccer Deluxe Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen.
Baldie Antonio Conte, is that you?
Random chick.
Main menu.
Name edit. "Coliuto", I remember you.
Team selection.
Choosing a stadium (and its climatic condition).
Handicap setup.
Improve your team after some skill editions...
Menu before the match.
It's Heads or Tails time!
Friendly match: Japan vs Portugal.
Goal replay.
Own goal.
Red card. Don't care.
A pretty useless substitution.
One of the Scenarios available.
...and Japan scored again.
PK mode.
Training > Challenge Mode.
International Cup introduction.
Type of formation.
Adjust strategy.
Galfano (Roberto Baggio) in action.
Carboni's (Fabrizio Ravanelli) backheel pass.
Il Divin Codino.
Murillo (Carlos Valderrama).
Bicycle kick.
Polish is injured. Don't care.
That's a foul, mister referee.
Van Wijk (Ruud Gullit).