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Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing Credits

Jarrett and Labonte Stock Car Racing - The Zoo Team (in alphabetical order)

ProducerGavin Raeburn
ProgrammersAdrian Starr, Al Hurlbut, Alex de Rosée, Andrew Smith, Ben Cohen, Ben Weston, David Hind, Edward Key, Ian Masters, Paul Connell, Paul Constant, Philip Hindle, Richard Heasman, Robin Whitehead, Simon Mellor, Stephen Clibbery
ArtistsAaron McElligott, Adam Parsons, Chris Black, Chris Rocks, Christiaan van den Bosch, Eoin Callan, Jason Parkinson, John Walters, Martin Rowley, Matt Wilde, Nicolas Pain, Nicholas Phillips, Oliver Hatton, Paul Dykes, Philip Bale, Richard Tawn, Roger Hudson, Shane Mitchell, Simon Enstock, Simon Reid
ResearchAntonia Rodriguez, Maggie Heeley
LicensingAntonia Rodriguez, Maggie Heeley
Game DesignChristopher Whiteside, David Osbourn, Hal Sandbach, Richard Healy, The Zoo Team
QADavid Fewtrell, Ewan Cameron, Gary Cody, Guy Chapman, Jason Wakelam, Jean-Luc Thiebaut, Louis McLaughlin, Matthew Ibbs, Paul Shimmin, Richard Tysoe, Samantha Russell, Simon Humphreys, Suzanne Hurley, William Darling
CompatibilityBen Field, Qumar Jamil
SoundDaniel Gardener, Lewis Griffin, Martyn Strong, Tim Bartlett
MusicJonathon Colling, Overseer
AcknowledgmentsAndy Woolgar, Jamie Wall, Matt Neal, Music Licensing by Couchlife, Richard Tate Harris

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (60746)