Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title Sequences
Main Menu
Options for the Race
Loading Screen
There go's the bumper!
Replay mode.
Car Setup
Brands Hatch loading screen
Quick race setup screen
Player car
Race start
Rear view
Cockpit view
Front of the car view
Pit stop
Another replay angle
Hood view
Flipping over.
The car shows some damage after each hit.
Replay of the crash
Another angle of the accident
Jason Jarret biography
Justin Labronte biography
Thör team
Piranha team
Car damaged with a smoking engine
Selecting a car.
Two player mode, horizontal split-screen
Two player mode, vertical split
In time trial mode, racing against the ghost car.
Time trial record
Laguna Seca circuit
Buenos Aires circuit
Bumping into the barrier.
Damaged car