Jet Moto 2 Credits


Published bySony Computer Entertainment America
Designed and Produced bySony Interactive Studios America
Designed and Developed bySingleTrac


PresidentKelly Flock
Director of Product Development and Executive ProducerAllan Becker
Senior ProducerMike Giam
ProducerBrian J. Wiklem
Assistant ProducerDarren Yager
Test ManagerMark Pentek
Lead TestMike Benton
Assistant Lead TestConner Morlang
TestersRaul Orozco, Tim Duzmal, James W. Harper, Peter Mayberry, Christian Davis


Director of ProductionSteve Cowser
ProducerDanny Lunt
Art DirectorMike Mason
Lead Software EngineerTravis Hilton
Software DevelopmentDanny Lunt, Mike Mason, John Olsen
Lead 3D Graphics DesignerBrian J. Christensen
3D Graphics DesignersJennifer Fortin, Daniel Fuller, Michael Makarczyk, Alex Mathis
3D Graphics ToolsRussell Almond
Director of Music and SoundSandra E. Geary
Sound DesignersSandra E. Geary, Mark Kartchner
Audio ProgrammersKevin Steele, Scott Turner
Lead TesterSteve Knopf
Testing and Game TuningMike Snow
Network AdministrationBryan Brown
Produciton AssistantGinger Silver
Gameplay Test Group CoordinationSusan Hadfield, Heh-Kyu Sincock


Concept Art and Game Shell DesignTodd Downer, Antony Jones, Derek Lancaster, Mike Meyers, John Powell, Todd Schmidt, Brent Watts, Richard Watts, Sal Velluto Inc.


Music Produced byPinnacle Music Group, Lance Lenhart, Sam Cardon, Tom Hopkins


Marketing ManagementCraig Rechenmacher, Susan Nourai Panico, David Bamberger
Package & Manual Cover DesignAxiom Design
Manual LayoutT. S. Flanagan
Promotions and In-Game PartnershipRandy Gordon
Public RelationsHelene Sheeler
LegalDavid Greenspan, Kerry Hopkins, Mimi Nguyen, Michelle Postrado, Leslie Chen
Special Thanks toKaz Hirai, Andrew House, Jack Tretton, Peter Dille, Jeffrey Fox, Marilyn Weyant, Howard Liebeskind, TBWA Chiat/Day, Larry Anderson, Ben Bartholomew, Jerry Jessop, Gaymond Lee, Randy Zorko, Don Thomas, Bill Rehbock


SponsorsAtlantic Technology International, Dragon Optical, International Home Foods, Inc. Chef Boyardee Division, Kawasaki Motors Corp., Axiom Design, Mountain Dew

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Credits for this game were contributed by Umwell the Beast (608)