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Judge Dredd (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Judge Dredd Credits


ProducerSteven Zalud
Lead ProgrammerJim Tebbut
Lead 3D ArtistsSydney Franklin, David Lewis
Character Models and Additional GraphicsMatt Sandford, Nick Tipping, Michael Hirst
Front End ProgrammerAlex Ferrier
Additional ProgrammingPhilip Rankin, Paul Hiley, Jacob Habgood
Motion Capture EngineersMick Sheehan, Rob Millington, Tony Wills
Capture ArtistsAlex Kelly, Brian Aiken
Product SupportRob Millington, Simon Short
In Game Sound EffectsRaymond Usher
In Game MusicStuart Ross
Background Sound EffectsAllan Walker
ManualRichard Cartwright, Martin Calpin
ArtworkSimon Bisley
Artwork Digital ManipulationSystem 23
LocalisationSarah Bennett
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Creative ManagerPatrick Phelan
QA ManagerCarl Cavers
Test SupervisorJonathan Watson
Test SupportJames McCarthy
Lead TesterJulia Sturman
TestersStephen Woodward, MAtt Tucket, Eric Booker, Travis Ryan


Judge DreddRichard Waters
Royston BeanChristopher Wilkinson
The MayorDavid Frederickson
Chief JudgeMarc Finn
Control JudgeTina Pelini
BodyguardAdrian Carless
Litter GeekRicki Martin


Editor, Producer & DirectorAlan Coltman
Director of PhotographyMark Clayton
Camera OperatorDarren Mills
ScriptwriterAlan Coltman
MusicPatrick Phelan
Costume StylistJonathon Musson
Make‑up DesignerAbigail Graves
Make‑up AssistantJudith Crowe
Prop ConstructionNik Hull
Live Special EffectsCyberteknix
Graphics & StoryboardsLes Spink
Production AssistanceAdrian Carless, Steven Zalud, Keith Dando
Digital Special EffectsDarren Mills

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Credits for this game were contributed by Thespo Vandi (88)