Kileak: The DNA Imperative Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Game start
Controller help
Power switch
Message from Carlos
The first helicopter enemy
Shield repairs are left behind by the destroyed robots.
Another robot blocking the passage.
The computer terminal
Accessing the computer terminal,
Downloading a complete map of the level.
The auto-map
A mechanical octopus robot
Bunker beds
Table and couch
A square robot
Beds with terminals
Using the energy recharge station.
Energy recharge station
A bipedal robot
Exit lift
Going down to another level.
Game over
Office desk
This destroyed wall marks the place of a hidden door.
Lock switches
Secret room
A new weapon, the erosion gun
Weapon and item lists
A wasp robot
Ammunition room
Laser gun
A video found on one of the rooms.
Another mechanical enemy
A flying enemy
Ceiling sentry gun
The engine allows the limited ability to look up and down.