The King of Fighters '97 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection
Setting the battle order.
Clark Steel attacks Ryuji Yamazaki at the exact time that he does his reversal-based move Sadomazo.
Sie Kensou using his projectile-based move Choukyuu Dan to stop Kyo Kusanagi's 910 Shiki: Nue Tsumi.
Meanwhile, Athena Asamiya is about to be struck-damaged by Ryo Sakazaki's move Mouko Raijin Setsu...
Yuri Sakazaki's attempt to hit a just-recovered Leona Heidern with her move Raiouken wasn't great...
Shermie counter-hit-damages Shingo Yabuki using the accurate performance of her move Axle Spin Kick.
Now, Goro Daimon dashes simultaneously to Choi Bounge's DM Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan...
Robert Garcia uses his blow Ryuugeki Ken against Chizuru Kagura, but she starts to avoid the attack.
Kyo Kusanagi's strike back attempt was suddenly interrupted by Billy Kane's Sen'en Sakkon attack...
Ryuji Yamazaki uses a Strong Kick to end Joe Higashi's Hurricane Upper: a double damage is imminent!
In an desperate effort to hit-stop Chang Koehan's Tekkyuu Hien Zan move, King performs an air kick.
Demonstration battle in progress: Blue Mary gets to hit-damage Joe Higashi with a kickin' offensive!
Post-match screen.
Leona attempts to defend Ryo's Haou Shoukou Ken SDM: however, she's not have enough energy for this!
Through the strength of his SDM V Slasher, Leona Heidern starts to hit Chin Gentsai successfully...
Benimaru Nikaido's attempt to hit-damage Yashiro Nanakase was frustrated by his avoiding maneuver...
Chizuru Kagura's SDM Rimen 1 Katsu: Sanrai no Fujin being accurately hit-concluded in Mai Shiranui.
Meanwhile, Andy Bogard reaches Ralf Jones and performs, with success, his grabbing move Gourin Kai.
Training Mode session with Ryuji Yamazaki, that's about to hit-finish his SDM Drill in Iori Yagami!
Yuri Sakazaki attempts to attack Blue Mary using her move Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri... without success.
Goro Daimon approaches Robert Garcia: so, for defensive purposes, he performs his move Ryuu Zanshou.
Mai Shiranui approaches to hit-attack King, but she's suddenly hit-caught by King's DM Silent Flash.
A recovered Orochi Iori must be fast to block the next attack: Shermie's kickin' move Shermie Stand.
Kyo Kusanagi attempts to hit-attack Orochi Leona with his kick, but she was enough fast to block it.
Orochi Chris performs his SDM Daichi o Harau Gouka, aiming to put a quick finish in Robert's taunt.
Billy's DM Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon against Orochi Shermie's Shajitsu no Odori: which move will prevail?
Even with all the possibilities, Blue Mary couldn't escape of Orochi Yashiro's DM Araburu Daichi...
With a bit of luck, Athena Asamiya gets to counter-damage Orochi using her SDM Shining Crystal Bit.
Look that, Mai Shiranui is calling marriage to Andy Bogard marriage before the match starts.