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King's Field (PlayStation)

King's Field Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro cinema, showing off the island.
Title screen
U.S. title screen
At the island's shore
Little sword guy attacks the loading screen.
Squids are best attacked from behind.
Finding a shield.
Attacked by a skeleton - better dodge that strike!
Talking to an NPC.
There must be a way to get to that chest.
Wells like this one restore your health.
Finding a fire crystal.
A giant snail
Not sure how you can kill slime with a sword, but he manages.
Open chests and loot what's inside.
That's a big kracken.
Collected items rotate in front of you before moving to the inventory.
You can look down, or in this case, up at this tower.
Throwing fire... with magic!
"Using" some items searches them or gives a description.
Brief stretch of ocean to explore, but mind the deadly fish and birds.
Walking, man-eating flytraps.
Menu screen with character status.
You'll gather some very impressive equipment during your journey
Cool statues are guarding the stony path
Can you solve this puzzle?
This puny archer has no chance against my new shiny sword!..
Ahh, what a relief! Blue sky, civilization... all I need is an internet connection and a place to get Hong-Kong milk tea
A very rare peaceful scene. Note the character r9outines
One of the game's few eccentric merchants
You'll acquire some maps eventually, but don't count on them too much
Beautiful square with statues under starry skies
Watch your step when crossing lava rivers on wooden planks!
Hitting a slime with a high-level freeze spell
It was a dark night on castle grounds... when I saw... a GHOST!!..
Well-illuminated castle hall
Greenish caverns. Testing out a powerful fire spell
High-level demon in one of the final locations; he casts a spell on me and everything turns red...