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Gamezilla (Jan 04, 2000)
This is a terrific game and worth buying even if you have the old one. Although Knock Out Kings 2000 has some competition out there it is still #1 for boxing sims. If they want to make as much improvement in the next version as they did here, they’re going to be hard pressed to come up with new ideas.
Mega Fun (Dec, 1999)
Alle Achtung! EAs zweite Runde in Sachen Boxsimulation lässt wirklich kaum noch Wünsche offen. Für Fans des schnellen Vergnügens bietet der Arcade-Modus dank seiner erhöhten Spielgeschwindigkeit die Möglichkeit ihrer Aggressivität freien Lauf zu lassen. Liebhaber des anspruchsvollen und realistischen Kampfstils kommen hingegen im Karriere-Modus auf ihre Kasten, zumal die kontinuierliche Verbesserung der Boxerattribute auch taktisches Geschick erfordern. Zu guter Letzt begeistert auch die Umsetzung des eigentlichen Box-Fights, da die virtuellen Sportler präzise und schnell auf eure Pad-Eingabe reagieren.
IGN (Nov 02, 1999)
Like a good teacher, I don't want to be too magnanimous or lenient with my grades. I want to be fair yet reasonable. With that in mind, I must say that Knockout Kings 2000 is the best boxing game I've played for the PS, but it also has a long way to go. It's only the second year for this franchise, but keep in mind that it's made great strides. I can only imagine what's in store for 2001. Until then, I'll work on my left hook and body shots to get my created player to the Mecca of boxing. Go get it and see for yourself.
Player One (Dec, 1999)
Comme simul' de boxe, KO Kings est ce qui existe de mieux sur le marché. Sa réalisation exemplaire et ses bonnes idées le classent d'entrée dans la catégorie des incontournables.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 1999)
Bref, cette simulation devrait plaire aux amateurs de gants de cuir sur Playstation.
Electronic Arts har inte kastat in handduken när det gäller boxningsspel. Knockout Kings 2000 är ute efter revansch.
Video Games (Dec, 1999)
Absolute Boxpuristen werden wohl immer noch ein wenig enttäuscht sein, auch wenn man Box Champions 2000 mit Sicherheit zu den besten Box-Simulationen zählen kann. Und genau hier liegt der Hund begraben: Denn weder BC 2000 noch die anderen Genrevertreter kann man wirklich als Sims bezeichnen. Dafür ist die Ausführung der Schläge immer noch zu arcade-orientiert und die KI der Gegner noch nicht anspruchsvoll genug. Alle anderen dürften jedoch einen Mordsspaß haben und sich besonders an den bekannten Boxern inklusive ihrer typischen Signatur-Punches erfreuen.
Just Games Retro (Jul 26, 2015)
Despite those flaws, Knockout Kings 2000 is probably as good as a boxing game got before the advent of the Fight Night franchise. The multitude of available actions in the ring, high-end presentation, and stacked roster are all huge, and the mechanics of the gameplay are quite solid. I’d recommend it for anyone interested in video boxing, but I would advise you to protect yourself at all times.
Boxing fans couldn’t have hoped for a better sequel to Knockout Kings than Knockout Kings 2000. It’s a boxing fan’s fantasy come true, with enough real life boxers to allow you to put together all of the dream matches you could think of. In addition, it has a laundry list of some of the greatest boxing events of all time, allowing you to try to change history. Enhancing these features is one of the best boxing simulators ever made. While it is definitely slanted away from arcade style gameplay, sim fans are going to love KK2K.
Though Midway's recently released Ready to Rumble has cornered the market on over-the-top boxing games, Knockout Kings 2000 fills a nice niche. It's not the slow paced, weak hitting game from last year. This is what boxing is all about. While some may have appreciated the deep sim that last years game was, this is the game for the mainstream boxing fans. This is a huge step up from last years pitiful attempt.
Game Critics (Nov 20, 1999)
Still, with the reality of today's market, there's but a few scant choices for true boxing fans and KK2000 is still a very attractive package and the only simulator-like game in town. So while I was hampered by the complex controls and turned off by the lack of unique animation, I still enjoyed playing the game and it held my interest long enough for me work my way up to the heavyweight championship and defend it several times. So KK2000 misses the moon, but at least ends up in the stars.
GameSpot (Nov 12, 1999)
Overall, Knockout Kings 2000 comes off as a more polished version of the original title. All the new fighters and ring entrances, actual arenas, boxer bios, training exercises, and improved graphics that make the fighters look more realistic partially hide the fact that Knockout Kings 2000 just looks authentic. Gameplay and AI, however, are where the game is ultimately judged, and while Knockout Kings 2000 has taken steps in the right direction, it still has a long way to go before it can be praised for its simulation qualities.
Game Revolution (Dec, 1999)
In the end, Knockout Kings 2000 is a mixed blessing. It improves over the original by offering more of everything, but still falls short of the excellence you'd expect from EA Sports. A good effort, but the title remains unclaimed.