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It's got heart, mediocrity, gambling, and fishing. Kyle Levesque (935) 3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (17 votes) 3.6

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Video Games (May, 1998)
Soll ich mir nun Legend of Legaia kaufen? Contrail kann zwar mit LOL nicht ganz den hohen Level von Wild Arms halten, dennoch ist Legaia immer noch ein klar überdurchschnittliches RPG, bei dem Ihr sicher 20 - 30 Stunden bestens unterhalten werdet. Nur der Replay-Value ist wegen der zu geradlinigen Story nicht sehr hoch. Da aber die positiven Eindrücke bei weitem überwiegen, zeigt unser Importdaumen hier trotzdem ohne Einschränkung nach oben.
GameGenie (1999)
Sony does a good job at making Legaia a success. Which is a perfect mixture of the old with the new. The Innovative Battle system will allow you to forget the lengthy play. When you think the game is beat you'll be surprised to find out there's more. This is one of the best qualities, that adds to the excellent gameplay. The only gripe is the music gets repetitive, and the bosses are hard as hell.
From the makers of Wild Arms, Legend of Legaia brings players into a world that has been consumed by a mysterious mist that threatens to end all of humanity. It's up to you to control three would be hero's on a quest to rid the world of the mist and return things back to normal. In typical RPG fashion, LoL weaves a complex story that has you voyaging above and below the land fighting all sorts of weird and magical creatures, talking to everyone in sight and then finally discovering just what is going on and who is behind the world's misfortune. LoL features decent graphics, a truly triumphant musical score and a unique battle system that will challenge and delight you. If you like RPG's or just want to see what the fuss is all about do yourself a favor and check this out…just make sure to set aside a LOT of time because this game is looooong baby.
Mega Fun (Jul, 2000)
Hey, Sony! Was hat so lange gedauert? Die US-Version von Legend of Legaia verstaubt schon seit langer Zeit in so mancher Schublade. Klar, das Spiel ist top und macht Spaß, gerade weil sehr viele Details eingefügt wurden und der gesamte Verlauf einer sehr dichten Spannungsbogen aufzubauen weiß. Mit etwas mehr Gas würdet ihr den Import-Freaks aber ein wenig die Argumente nehmen. Das Spiel selbst verdient nach wie vor ein Top-Rating, gerade weil die deutsche Übersetzung gut gelungen ist und sich nicht wie bei Final Fantasy VII blamiert. Alle, die das Spiel noch nicht kennen und Games wie Wild Arms, Final Fantasy und Alundra lieben, sollten zugreifen, denn für schlaffe 59,- DM wird hier beste Kost geboten.
GameSurge (1999)
In the end, I have to say I found this game to be very enjoyable, with a few new innovations to your typical RPG game. With approximately 50 hours of play, you can also rest assured that you will get your moneys worth if you buy it. I found this to be one of the better RPG's I have played in the last while, and have to say it's a definite smart purchase for any hard core RPG fans.
80 (Oct 10, 2009)
Si habéis llegado hasta aquí, habréis comprobado por qué dijimos que Legend of Legaia pasó desapercibido injustamente. Propone muchas horas de juego, muchas sorpresas y un sistema de combate atractivo, adictivo y muy interesante. En lo que más cojea el juego, y no hemos mencionado antes, es en el argumento. Éste resulta demasiado simple, sencillo y con muy poco interés. Le falta ese toque especial para ser épico o, como mínimo, interesante. Los motivos personales de nuestros héroes están ahí, pero cuando terminéis el juego y pase un tiempo no lo recordaréis precisamente por su historia. Por último, todos los textos están traducidos en castellano con un nivel excelente, con frases y expresiones muy graciosas por parte de Noa (la mejor del grupo, sin duda). Todo un juegazo imprescindible lleno de horas y horas de diversión, combates y sorpresas, un poco lastrado por una historia anecdótica más que nada.
RPGFan (Jun 19, 2000)
With poor plot, graphics, sound, and gameplay, Legend of Legaia comes up short in the fun department. There is really nothing here to elicit even a second glance from any gamer, and unless you're a die-hard must-have-every-RPG-on-earth type person, I seriously suggest you rent before you buy.
Power Unlimited (Aug, 2000)
Legend of Legaia is een hele aardige RPG in de stijl van Xenogears die een heleboel gamers in Japan aardig bezig heeft gehouden, tot Final Fantasy VIII uitkwam.
Video Games (Jul, 2000)
(PAL version)
Schade, schade, schade... irgendwie war ich damals von der Import-Version deutlich mehr begeistert. Eigentlich gibt es ja an Legend of Legaia gar nicht so viele wirklich schwerwiegende Kritikpunkte anzumerken, allerdings nagt der Zahn der Zeit auch an dieser schwarzen Scheibe. Vor allem, wenn man bedenkt, wie viele RPG-Perlen vom Schlage eines Vagrant Story, Suikoden II, Grandia und viele mehr gerade jetzt zu uns nach Europa kommen (gekommen sind), ist diese Legende ganz einfach nicht mehr up-to-date. Wer allerdings, so wie ich, kleinere straight-forward-Häppchen nicht verschmäht, der .arf allemal zugreifen – schon allein wegen dem guten Kampf- und Magie-System.
GameSpot (Jan 20, 1999)
Despite the flaws that keep Legaia from being the world beater that it could have been, it still remains an engaging RPG for anyone who likes to play RPGs. After having obtained all three characters, you'll find yourself entertained for hours upon hours. Point blank, this is an ambitious RPG. Unfortunately, with all the RPG attention being paid to Square's Final Fantasy VIII, it seems as if Legaia might get swept under the rug, much in the way Wild Arms was overshadowed by FFVII. That would be a shame if it turned out like that. The Legend of Legaia is a worthwhile way to spend your time.
Gameplay RPG (Aug, 2000)
Ce jeu n'a donc pas réussi à vieillir correctement et représente plus la catégorie des petits softs à vite oublier que celle des incontournables.
IGN (Mar 17, 1999)
If you don't mistake Legaia for a grandiose, sweeping epic that you'll remember for eons and you simply want a tough, challenging RPG to plod through before tackling the upcoming lineup of role-playing titles, this is a solid choice. If you can forego the game's lack of genuine personality or appeal, you may find that there's enough meat to keep yourself pressing on through the game.
Legendra (Jan 05, 2014)
Legend of Legaia sent finalement le RPG fait avec passion, mais dont les développeurs ont peut-être un peu manqué de moyens pour être en mesure de nous offrir une expérience encore plus aboutie. Techniquement, l'ambiance aussi bien graphique que sonore est relativement mitigée, et l'histoire n'est pas vraiment des plus développées. Pourtant, le jeu est vraiment accrocheur malgré ses lacunes, notamment grâce à son ingénieux système de combat et une construction de l'aventure sans réelle fausse note. A défaut de franchement marquer les esprits, ce sympathique Legend of Legaia se contente donc de nous emmener dans une quête plutôt bien ficelée et servie par des combats excellents, ce qui n'est déjà pas si mal que ça.
65 (Jun 08, 2000)
Avec une réalisation moins inégale et surtout un scénario de meilleure qualité, ce jeu aurait pu devenir une référence. Dommage que toutes ces bonnes idées (notamment le système de combat) tombent à l’eau à cause des trop nombreux défauts.
Game Revolution (Apr 01, 1999)
The bar is continually being raised in game design, and bringing out last year's game today won't sell. If you're dying for a RPG, I suggest you keep waiting until fall, unless you have that time to burn and you're into substandard story lines. Legaia is simply way, way too average to be revolutionary. I'll stick to burning my time playing FF8 and wishing I knew how to read more Japanese.
För de riktigt rollspelshungriga spelarna kan Legend of Legaia visa lite nya influenser och idéer som ännu inte har applicerats på andra spel. Legend of Legaia är visserligen långt ifrån spektakulärt men det har ett par innovativa inslag som det inte går att bortse ifrån. Som van rollspelare finns det saker som jag gillar och vissa som jag ogillar. De bra och dåliga sidorna väger dock så pass jämt att betyget blir ungefär samma som andra spel i den här kvalitetsklassen får.
RPG Land (Mar 18, 2005)
Legend of Legaia provides an overall average-grade RPG experience. It does have an attraction in its battle system, but after a while, going through the long process of choosing long attacks that will take a long time to execute gets tiresome. Likewise, near the end of the game, the player could think it’s over up to 3 different times. When one certain battle ends, the player had every reason to think the game is over…but it isn’t. Then, the very next boss fight, this happens again. But no no, some plot element has not been resolved for a reason that is just now becoming known! …And yet another “final” fight ensues. The strengths mentioned in this review balance out these weaknesses, but can’t overpower them enough to really make the game shine. It’s okay, but not great.