Legend of Legaia Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Text-only intro. At least they got their theology right!..
The game's starting location - the village with one of the Genesis trees so important to the plot. The info in the upper left corner can be removed at will
Yeah baby, measure me all you want! Dialogue choices - cosmetic, like in the vast majority of Japanese RPGs
One of the many regular interior locations. Camera angles are fixed, despite the 3D
Battle commands during a fight in an organic-looking dungeon. See Noa's options
World map navigation
Status screen
The world map view can be zoomed out and scrolled - a very handy feature!
Colored statues teach you about some game mechanics
Visiting a secluded island village with winged dudes floating around
Behold Viguro, one of the many monsters you'll summon in the game. Their attacks are displayed as lengthy animations
Bubble Crush - a poison attack that hits all enemies
Climbing up in a research facility
Physical attacks can be accumulated to unleash powerful combos
It's just Vahn and a completely unknown girl in her house. Romantic chimney, pictures on the walls... oh my...
Spectacular entrance to Sol - by far the game's largest city and its main "hub" with many activities
Sol is built like a huge spiral staircase with many floors and an entire entertainment district!
Visiting a rather old-fashioned, medieval-looking castle, with kings and all that stuff
Our party is hit by an earthquake - a spell cast on us by monsters
Roaming the streets of a mid-size town, about halway through
Playing slot machine in a casino
A journey on the Flying Train - a common transportation that connects some of the game's locations
Checkered dance floor in one of the towns
Sky Garden - a nice location with a supposedly great view, a save point, and a hedge maze
Gala unleashes Freezing Point - a might ice-based attack of one of his minions
Welcome to Buma - a village on a lake
Dark forest dungeon
The monster Voltagor hits those poor little enemies hard!..
Visiting a monastery. Buddhist, not Christian - at least judging by the art
A lively near a city entrance
Beautiful art in Drake's Castle
Some camera angles are pretty impressive
General battle view and commands in a rocky dungeon area, over halfway through the game
One of the several Genesis Trees you'll have to locate. This one is really high in the mountains
Vahn's fire-based monster unleashes Inferno on the entire enemy party
Don't lie to kids, Vahn!!.. ... ...
A lavishly decorated temple
Queen Twister - Noa's signature attack, and quite a spectacular one, too!
Relaxing in a quiet cafe. You can even read the menu!
Noa in a goofy post-battle triumphant celebration
You reach a mysterious garden with a tree. It doesn't look like one of those Genesis trees, though...
You can even visit a bar with a singer and a pianist! Can my wife and I have this gig, please? Does it pay well?.. ... ...
A fighting mini-game: just exchange blows and special attacks until one of you goes down
Like in many other RPGs, there is a battle tournament in this game
The game gets more and more modern as it advances - here, you actually visit a disco!..
A close-up on an enemy monster while he is trying to cast a spell on you. I wonder what Lucifer A would say...
A beautiful view from the roof - but why are there so many clothes hanging? Is this Shanghai?..