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Bloodiest, cruelest, BEST 3rd person shooter! Kevin Huang (9) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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GameFan Magazine (Jan, 1996)
Loaded is an experience no video gamer should miss. At first it looks like a 32-bit whacked out Smash TV, but it's really more of a maze/exploration game. Each level has many intricate games, hidden keys and loads of items. Patience is an absolute must. The characters are gnarly, the music blasts your triggin' lobes (techno and rock together, what more could you want) and the lighting fx put everything else to shame. I personally felt the gameplay style was a bit repetitive and there could have been more interesting enemy patterns (level bosses would also have been nice), but otherwise Loaded's a first-gen masterpiece.
Game Players (Jan, 1996)
There's a fair amount of strategy mixed in with all of the action --- you won't last long if you don't think, trust me --- and for once lately, I don't have to complain about a game being short. Loaded has 15 levels and they're all huge. The music deserves special notice too --- it ROCKS! I have to admit that after 15 levels, the game did get mildly repetitive and be aware that the difficulty levels is high. Overall though, this is one incredible game and also functions well as stress therapy.
Besides a great concept, Loaded features some remarkable graphics and sound. All of the players, and enemies alike, are beautifully animated and the weapon discharges look like the Fourth of July. The most impressive aspect, though, is what the developers did with lighting. Explosions and other light sources cast shadows and reflections across surroundings surfaces. This effect is really cool. Consider as well that Loaded plays easily and has a high replay value and you've got another persuasive reason to buy yourself a Playstation. You also have a good reason to check yourself into an institution.
Fans of Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal will get off on the violence. Fans of Judge Dredd will get off on the immaculately constructed settings and the character design work that has gone into the insidious protagonists we control. Fans of nostalgic gaming will find much to make them sigh about. And all PlayStation owners will have found themselves another fantastic way to stay up long past bed time.
GamePro (US) (Jan, 1996)
Loaded lives up to its name with a top-view splatterfest. Anything goes in this awesome shoot-em-up that will leave you screaming for more.
Shoot, maim, kill. Loaded is the fast-paced game that sends you on a search-and-destroy mission killing everything in your path. The visuals are clean and the characters movement is smooth and exacting, letting you move quickly around to blast the nasties who are gunning for you. The only thing to watch out for is when you get too close to an enemy and can't seem to turn fast enough to get him. Count me in when the link is released. Two-player feature will excite you.
Shortcomings aside, this is a must-have title for your Playstation game library. It has eye-bulging graphics, addictive play-mechanics and power-ups out the butt. But above all else, buy it for it's sheer brutality.
Overall, Loaded is a blast, no pun intended. There's plenty of action to keep you busy, gameplay that's subtle but imperative to your success, a nice two player mode, and good tunes and effects. A classic top down shooter that's well worth checking out!
Game Revolution (May, 1996)
With a game like Loaded where do you even begin? The word 'violent' springs to mind, as does 'gore-fest'. Whether or not you approve of this sort of thing, Loaded is here to take it all to new extremes.
IGN (Nov 25, 1996)
You know it doesn't get much better than this. There's nothing quite as satisfying as blowing the crap out of wave upon wave of faceless hordes, and Loaded certainly allows for that.
Mega Fun (Dec, 1995)
Loaded ist in der Tat ein Game mit zwei Seiten. Beginnen wir mit der technischen: Die Labyrinthe in zoombarer Vogelperspektive z.B. sind sehr beeindruckend geraten, da sie von grafischen Spielereien nur so strotzen. Die Lampen werfen immer einen Lichtschein, der sich langsam in der ferneren Umgebung verliert - super. Auch die Musik steuert mit fetzigen Melodien ihren Teil zur Action-Stimmung bei. Jene Action jedoch baut fatalerweise auf der Abschlachtung unzähliger Bildschirm-Opfer auf, die jedesmal blutspritzend zerfetzt werden. Darüber hinaus bleiben die so entstanden Blutlachen überall liegen, wo der Spieler gewütet hat. Daß diese Art von Action nicht mehr ganz so geschmackvoll und etwas fragwürdig ist, brauche ich wohl nicht extra zu erwähnen. Außerdem bietet Loaded auf Dauer nicht die nötige Spieltiefe, da der Schwerpunkt zu sehr auf dem sinnlosen Abknallen liegt. Abwechslung sucht man dabei vergeblich.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 15, 2008)
But Loaded's greatest asset is its kick-ass soundtrack, which is absolutely phenomenal. If you can imagine the Halloween movie theme with a club vibe, and you'll have a good idea of what these tunes sound like. Another nice feature is the two-player simultaneous mode, although the game actually takes longer with a partner because you need to coordinate your movements. Loaded is shallow and should only be consumed in small doses, but shooter fans will find merit in its dark theme and kick-ass soundtrack.