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Madden NFL 2001 (PlayStation)

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Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    EA Sports and John Madden team up to crank out another quality Pak worthy of the highlight reel.

    If you've ever washed the taste of leftover turducken out of your mouth by scarfing down a six-legged turkey, then you're probably no stranger to the popular Madden series of NFL football games.

    Madden NFL 2001 is the fourth edition to appear on Nintendo 64, and according to EA Sports this will be its final appearance on the system. Is it possible that EA plans to produce a Madden game for the recently announced Nintendo GameCube? As of yet, there is no official word.

    Madden fans know that you can count on John to spout at least one bizarre joke per telecast that will leave you scratching your head. Like the man himself, Madden 2001 lives up to the solid reputation earned by the series in the trenches of real football fans' living rooms. The graphics are not the most polished of this year's pigskin Paks, but as usual the play control presents the perfect mix of sim-style action and ease of play.

    Of course, Madden NFL 2001 features updated rosters with the full NFL and NFL Players' Association Licenses. Player-specific turf tape, wristbands and visors add an element of authenticity, and Madden's comments are all fresh kernels of comedic wisdom straight from the noggin of the big fella himself.

    EA Sports has snagged the exclusive NFL Coaches Club license for Madden 2001, so each teams' playbook features authentic strategy and signature plays straight from NFL masterminds like Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan. Other new elements include a Two-Minute Drill Mode as well as the latest and most humiliating offerings in touchdown celebrating and defensive posturing (after a QB is sacked the reaction of the defensive lineman is similar to a Wookie trying to attract a female companion).

    The most innovative feature of Madden 2001 is the addition of Madden Cards (in case you're wondering, these collectible and tradable cards have nothing to do with Pokémon). Madden Cards are earned by completing special tasks during a game, like completing 15 consecutive passes in a row or punting the ball out of bounds within the five yard line.

    There are over 250 Madden Cards in all, which you can trade with a friend or risk in a game against a competitor. On top of building your rep, collecting Madden Cards allows you to unlock hidden players, stadiums and Power-Ups.

    Madden 2001 swells with an incredible amount of tweakable options, and an efficient menu system makes it easy to customize each game to conform to anyone's house rules. Gameplay Modes in the 2001 edition include:

    Custom League
    Two-Minute Drill

    Whether or not you're a fan of John Madden's colorful brand of commentary, you have to admit that he knows a heck of a lot about football. If you've been pleased with Madden's Paks in the past (are there any football fans who haven't been?), then Madden 2001 will deliver more of the solid hard-hitting action you've come to expect. If you've never played a Madden game before, this edition is a great place to start.

    When the turducken is gone and the six-legged turkey is nearly finished, we're left with only one question: Eddie George is cool, but since when did EA decide that John wouldn't be the lone star of the box art? Dude, John, you've gotta talk to your agent, man!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (57740) on Aug 16, 2005. - Windows/PlayStation:
    Dieses Spiel wird nicht mehr hergestellt.

    Das ultimative Madden-Gameplay wurde jetzt noch optimiert. Hochauflösende Spielermodelle sorgen für noch realistischeres Spielvergnügen! Die Bewegungsabläufe und Animationen sind nahezu authentisch. Neue Features wie Boost-Boni und die READ-N-REACT DEFENSE sorgen für zusätzlichen und langanhaltenden Spielspaß!


    - Exklusive europäische NFL-Lizenz: Alle Teams und Spieler der europäischen NFL-Liga
    - Brandneue 3D-Spielermodelle: Unglaublich realistische Spieler mit neuen authentischen Bewegungen und Animationen
    - Noch bessere KI: Verbesserte Blocks, blitzschnelle Bewegungen, eine knallharte Abwehr und vieles mehr
    - Brandneue Read-N-React Defense: Nimm im Spiel Einstellungen an der Defensive vor
    - Exklusiver NFL Coaches Club: Spezialbewegungen und Stimmen echter NFL-Trainer
    - Multiplayer: Online Franchise-Modus
    - EA SPORTS Online Community: Aktuelle Aufstellungen zum Download, brandheiße Informationen zur Liga sowie die neue Chat-Funktion
    - Brandneues Online-Wertungssystem: Tritt online gegen andere Spieler an und miss dich mit den Besten. Packende Online Football-Zweikämpfe gegen andere Madden NFL-Spieler

    Contributed by Xoleras (66127) on Jul 21, 2005.

Back of Case - Playstation 2 (UK):

  • Exclusive European NFL License
  • All the teams and players from NFL Europe

  • Real NFL Player Models
  • Accurate player sizes and accessories.

  • Real NFL Emotion
  • Authentic facial expressions - see the intensity in blitzing linebacker's eyes.

  • Real NFL Moves
  • Physics-based animations calculated from speed, mass and hit location

  • Real NFL Coaches
  • With signature playbooks and play styles, coaches work the sidelines and the officials.

  • Old-School Teams And Players
  • Over 200 of the NFL's greatest players and old-school teams with throwback uniforms.

  • Madden Cards
  • Win, trade and risk in-game Madden Cards to unlock hidden players, stadiums, and power-ups

    The NFL Comes to Life

    Big Game Emotion

    Read-N-React Defence

    Real Football AI

    Authentic Detail

    Contributed by Rascal (2152) on Apr 22, 2005.

Back of Box - PlayStation 2:



    Accurate player sizes and accessories down to eye black and turf tape

    Authentic facial expressions - see the intensity in a blitzing linebacker's eyes

    Physics-based animations calculated from speed, mass, and hit location

    With signature playbooks and play styles, coaches work the sidelines - and the officials

    Over 200 of the NFL's greatest players and old-school teams with throwback uniforms

    Win, trade and risk in-game Madden Cards to unlock hidden players, stadiums, and power-ups

    The NFL Comes to Life

    Big Game Emotion

    Read-N-React Defense

    Real Football AI

    Authentic Detail

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69652) on Nov 06, 2002.

Back Cover:
    Madden Cards! Compete and collect in-game cards for hidden players, stadiums, and Power-Ups.

    Legendary Players! Unlock 50 of the game's greatest and every All-Madden Team

    Exclusive NFL Coaches Club! Authentic strategy and signature playbooks from real NFL coaches.

    Incredible Player Detail! Player-specific accessories include turf tape, wristbands, visors, and more.

    New Two-Minute Drill! Up to 10 players battle the clock and each other in this new mode.

    Contributed by Attila (495) on May 24, 2001.