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Madden NFL 2002 (PlayStation)

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GamePro (US)
With graphics as smooth and detailed as you’ll see on the aging system, plus two new play modes to add to the already deep lineup of game types, Madden 2002 is the PlayStation football game to own. Included is the old 16-bit version of the classic game the old plays will look amazingly familiar to long-time Madden gamers. There’s also a new Coaches Corner, where Madden explains the different offensive formations and uses the Telestrator to show how a handful of plays unfold.
So while Madden 2002 isn't reinventing football on the PlayStation, it is really the best you're going to get on the system. Arguably, it can even provide a more enjoyable experience than its big brother on the PlayStation 2. In any event, Madden 2002 for the PlayStation is a wonderful re-creation of a sport that controls well and has almost just as many bells and whistles as its PlayStation 2 counterpart. But most importantly, the game is just superfun to play.
There may never be another PlayStation football game that's better than this... so enjoy it now. This is one of the few sports games ever made for the PlayStation that will keep you coming back time after time. If you don't have a PS2, then this is the best way to go.
Game Informer Magazine
When Dolphins QB Dan Marino left the game, they made a shrine of his locker; sealing it off as an example of greatness. On the other hand, Dan-o's last few seasons saw time catch up with the star. Likewise, you can't deny this 2002 incarnation reminds us the Madden series is one of the best, but it's also clear the franchise itself has simply passed the original PlayStation by.
This is a very good PlayStation title. It carries the uncertainty of NFL play (the old adage that any team can beat another on “any given Sunday” comes to mind), with the dynamics of the talent on the field. The game is solid graphically and in the audio department, and the game play features add to the programs entertainment value.
Game Revolution
In truth, there isn't a whole lot more you can do with this series on the PSX. Even though it dons the irritating pretext of "newness" and even though there are now definitely better football games to be had, Madden 2002 is a comprehensive ending to a good, if not repetitive, chapter in video game history. May some things never change.
Game Informer Magazine
Though the opponent AI was clever enough to call an audible when I put my punt block unit in the game on first down, it seemed they didn’t quite know how to conquer a dime defense with a two man blitz. Long story short – this is a fun game if you want to obliterate the computer with the same plays time after time.
Madden 2002 may not look all that good. But it's still a fun game, and will still put up a challenge for you. PS2 owners should definitely pass this up, but if all you have is a PS1, rent it first, without a doubt. Or you can wait for 2003 to come out, which will be released in August, and give that a rent. The 2-Minute Drill is a lot of fun, and the game itself is enjoyable enough to play a whole season, but it will really eat away at your memory card (8 blocks for the season). I was just very disappointed at how bad the game looks and how long the load times are.