Magic Carpet Credits

Original PC Version Designed by Bullfrog Productions Ltd.

ProducerSean Cooper
Lead ProgrammersSean Cooper, Mark Huntley
Engine ProgrammerGlenn Corpes
ProgrammersSimon Carter, Phillip Jones
Lead ArtistFindlay McGechie
Graphics and Art ConceptsPaul McLaughlin, Mike Man, Mark Healey, Eoin Rogan, Barry Meade, Tony Dawson
Introductory SequenceChris Hill
Introductory SupportMike Man, Paul McLaughlin, Eoin Rogan, Sean Masterson
Level Concepts and ArchitecturesSean Masterson
Level DesignBarry Meade, Alex Trowers, Jonty Barnes, Daniel Russell
Sound and MusicRussell Shaw
Game TestersAndrew Cakebread, Mike Diskett, Kevin Donkin, Mark Lamport, Tristan Paramor, Nathan Smethurst, Mark Webley
Executive ProducerPeter Molyneux

Playstation Conversion by: Krisalis Software Ltd.

ProgrammerJay Butler
Additional ArtDarren Hebden, Phillip Hackney
Additional SoundJohn Avery

For Bullfrog:

ProducerAndrew Nuttall
Additional Programming AssistanceSean Cooper, Glenn Corpes, Steven Metcalf
Lead TesterAndy Robson
Game TestersNathan Smethurst, Jeffrey Brutus, Wayne Imlach, Tristan Paramor, Adrian Moore, Steven Lawrie, David Elsen
PR & MarketingCathy Campos, Sean Ratcliffe, Peter Murphy
Technical AssistanceKevin Donkin, Michael Burnham
ManagementLes Edgar
AdministrationAudrey Adams, Jo Goodwin, Sian Jones, Emma Gibbs
Thanks to (in alphabetical order)Mark Adami, Dennis Alderton, Martin Bell, Stuart Black, Gary Carr, Martin Carroll, Dene Carter, Kenneth Chan, Barry Clarke, Tony Cox, Jason Cunningham, Benjamin Deane, Jonathan Farmer, Vince Farquharson, Stephen Minifie, Adrian Moore, Sarah Nuttall, Alex Peters, Richard Reed, Jonathan Rider, Ian Shaw, Guy Simmons, Mark Stacey, Gary Stead, Matt Sullivan, Jan Svarovsky, Darren Thomas, Steve Wilding, Alan Wright
Special Thanks ToSteve Fitton, David Byrne, Paulette Doudell, Thomas Boyd, Matt Bettinson
Executive ProducerSean Cooper

For Electronic Arts:

Product ManagerPeter Murphy
DocumentationNeil Cook
Documentation DesignRachel Close
Package DesignColin Dodson
Quality AssuranceSimon Davison

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Credits for this game were contributed by Apogee IV (2333)