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Martian Gothic: Unification (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Martian Gothic: Unification Credits


MoodFenella Fielding
MatlockAnita Dashwood
KenzoWataru Arai
KarneRupert Degas
HarrowayJulie Peasgood
Ben GunnPatrick Pearson
Other VoicesAngela Ridgeon, Patrick Marley, Toby Williams, Jennifer Chu, Michael McGann
Recordings Made AtAudio Interactive, Pinewood Studios, Headroom Studios, Matinee Studios

Creative Reality Software

ProgrammingMartin Wong, Alex Syrichas, Neil Dodwell (PC version)
AnimationDavid Dew
DesignerStephen Marley
RendersJullian Holtom, Paul Oglesby
Polygon Models and TexturesIan J. Bowden, Chris Edwards
Concept ArtKev Walker, Dave Hitchcock
Other GraphicsLuke Vernon

Take 2 Interactive

Business Affairs DirectorSimon Little
ProducerLuke Vernon
Associate ProducerKit Brown
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Production Co‑OrdinatorChris Madgwick
Group Production AssistantJoanna Foster
PackagingJames Quinlan, Selena Miffling

Tarantula Studios (QA HW)

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TesterKit Brown
TestersLee Johnson, James Cree, Philip Alexander, Michael Emeny, Will Kirton, Timothy Bates

Coyote Developments Ltd.

ProgrammingDavid Shea, Harvey Gilpin, Andy Spanswick
Project ManagemetDavid Shea
Additional WorkMatt Nagy

Take 2 Interactive Studios, Baltimore

ProducerMatthew Kreager
VP of Business DevelopmentJamie Leece
VP of PublishingChris Mate
Executive ProducerRobb Alvey
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Marketing Communications CoordinatorChris Larkin
Coporate Communications ManagerAnne Marie Sims
Art DirectorMike Snyder
Graphic ArtistDawn Silwick
WebmasterRobert Fletcher
QA ManagerPhil Santiago
Computer SpecialistsKathy Richardson, Anne Takeuchi
Technical SupportPete Stewart, Patricia Saneman, Kathy Young, Andre Liggins, Daniel Karp, Jeff Zoller, Alex Bradley
QA SupervisorFrank Kirchner
Quality AssuranceLisa Nawrot, Kai Ma, Josh Rose, Joe Covello, Stacey Sharpe, Joshua Noll, Stephen Thomas, Scott Vail
Special Thanks toLinda Wratchford, Peggy Zoltan, Patty Santiago, Melissa Voggenauer

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Credits for this game were contributed by JPaterson (9146)