Medal of Honor / Medal of Honor: Underground (PlayStation)

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Medal of Honor / Medal of Honor: Underground Credits

Dreamworks Interactive Production

Created BySteven Spielberg
ProducerScott J. Langteau
Lead EngineerIke Macoco
Lead ArtistStephen K. Ratter
Lead DesignerLynn Henson
Lead AnimatorKen Angliongto
Lead Sound DesignerErik Kraber
Associate ProducerJohn Garcia-Shelton
Test LeadCaleb B. P. M. Sweazy
Engineering TeamKevin Sherrill, Jim Schuler
Tools EngineerTom McDevitt
3D Art TeamNeal Nellans, David Prout, Jerry Kowalczyk, Dmitri Ellingson
Design TeamEric Church, Greg Hillegas, Tony A. Rowe
Shell ArtistThomas Inesi
Props/Texture ArtistsOmaha Perez
Concept ArtistMatt Hall
Sound DesignerJack Grillo
Character DesignerLionel Voillat
Asset ManagerMatt Eslinger
Test TeamJeremy Hall, Stephen Skelton, Steven Lin, Kevin Lewis, Jason Franke, Rene Nones
Additional 3D ArtBrian Horton, Micah Linton
Additional ProgrammingAyo Orimoloye
Voice ActorsCharles Fathy, Eric Stone, Christian Aubert, Jurgen Perezki, Christian Oliver, Guido Foehrweisser, Bettina Spiers, Stephen K. Ratter, Charles de Vries, Elea Bartling, William Morgan Sheppard


Music Composed and Produced ByMichael Giacchino
Score Orchestrated and Conducted ByTim Simonec
Score Recorded BySteve Smith, Xtreme Studios
Score Performed ByNorthwest Sinfonia, Northwest Boys Choir
Choir ConductorJoseph Crnko
Contractor and Concert MasterSimon James
"Each Night He Comes Home To Me" Composed ByMichael Giacchino
Song Arranged ByAlkiviades Steriopoulos
Song Adapted By and Performed ByBettina Spiers


Game Video Produced ByPeter Hirschmann
Gallery Movies Written & Edited By Peter Hirschmann
Gallery Sound DesignJack Grillo
Briefing Still Photo ResearchJohn Garcia-Shelton
Briefing ArtStephen K. Ratter, Thomas Inesi, Matt Hall
Travel Guide Demo Written ByScott J. Langteau
Travel Guide EDL Generated ByJohn Garcia-Shelton
Moonboy Logo MovieLionel Voillat
Edited OnA MollyVision Editing Suite

Studio Staff

IT DirectorSteve Arnold
Network AdministratorJoe Aguilar
IT SupportSteve Rottman, Ray Robinson
Executive ProducerRick Giolito
DWI General ManagerGlenn Entis
Development DirectorSteven Herndon
Technical DirectorAdrian Jones
Product ManagerAmy Nabi
Administration HQNoelani Weaver, David Howe
QuartermasterTami Bauling

Project Consultants

French Resistance & OSS VeteranHélene Déschamps-Adams
OSS VeteransElizabeth McIntosh, Anne Mary Ingraham, Barbara Podoski, Barbara Waller
French Resistance ScholarshipMargaret Collins-Weitz
WWII Archival MaterialRuss Lee, Mark Taylor, Melissa A. N. Keiser, John Taylor, Charles DeArman
Weapons Field StaffRaliegh Wilson, Julia Rupkalvis
Military Reenactment StaffDarby Kane, Page Gordon
MOH Franchise Military AdvisorDale Dye (Ret.)

Team Special Thanks

Internal StudioSteve Agoston, Bradley Fitzgerald, Brian Schwab, Dennis Taylor, Sunil Thankamushy, Damon Tripodi
DreamWorks SKGKristie Macosko, Susan Rey, Elizabeth Nye, Marvin Levy, Andy Spahn, Christi Soper, Rene Gonzalez, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen
Outside AlliesScott Allen, Murray Allen, Aimee Calfin, Vanessa Castro, Adam Cohen, I. Braun Degenshein, Marc Farley, Ken Felton, Anthony Giacchino, Tim Gore, William Ingraham, Al Johnson, Michelle Lee, Fred McIntosh, Karyn Monget, Charlie Stockley, John Waller, Erik Woods, Cyprus Lauhto, Robyn Rodota, Michele Hall
Very Special ThanksPaul Bucha, Michael Lindquist
DedicationMedal of Honor Underground is dedicated to the men and woman whose strength of character gave them the courage to resist that which they knew was inherently wrong.

Electronic Arts

International Development DirectorAtsuko Matsumoto
Public Relations Anne Marie Stein, Steve Groll, Jeffrey Lee Brown
MarketingBrian Silva, Jill Goldberg
DocumentationDan Davis, Ede Clarke
Documentation LayoutCorrine Mah
Package IllustrationMatt Hall
Lead Product TestingRaul Garchalian
Product TestingRob Harrel, Roger Metcalf, Timothy Zohr
CQCBenjamin Smith, Benjamin Crick, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard, Darryl Jenkins, Andrew Young, Tony Alexander, Dave Kellum, Anthony Bargagallo

Electronic Arts Europe

MarketingAudrey Meehan
Account HandlerRachel Streek
DocumentationOli Ladenburg
Documentation layoutColin Dodson, Caroline Dartnell
CQCSimon Romans

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