Medal of Honor (PlayStation)

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Medal of Honor Credits


Original ConceptSteven Spielberg
ProducerPeter Hirschmann
Writing / Dialogue / StoryPeter Hirschmann
Art DirectorMatt Hall
Technical DirectorAdrian Jones
Animation DirectorSunil Thankamushy
Lead ProgrammingMichael Heilemann, Adrian Jones
MusicMichael Giacchino
ProgrammingBradley Fitzgerald, Ike Macoco, Ayo Orimoloye, Gustavo Oliveira, Ike Macoco, Bradley Fitzgerald
Lead Two Player ProgrammingDennis Taylor
Lead ArtistDmitri Ellingson
Lead DesignersChristopher Cross, Lynn Henson
Lead Tools EngineerTom McDevitt
Test LeadDamon Tripodi
ArtistsDmitri Ellingson, Neal Nellans, Micah Linton, Brian Horton, Jennifer Hansen, David Prout
AnimatorsSunil Thankamushy, Ken Angliongto
Assoc. Producer/LocalizationScott J. Langteau
Weapons & PropsStephen K. Ratter
Asset WranglerEric Church
Test TeamTravon Babers, Bobby Hecksher, Kevin Lewis, Steven Lin, Stephen J. Skelton
Additional DesignEric Church, Greg Hillegas, Justin Norr, Noah Hughes
Additional Behavior ScriptingTerrance Cohen, Sunil Thankamushy
Additional ArtDave Thompson, Robert Holm
Additional TestingTim Coolidge, Matthew Eslinger, Jeremy Hall, Randy Kirby, Seth Kleinberg, Joseph Lamas, Charles Polanski, Alon Raphael, Max Spielberg, Caleb Sweazy
Voice ActorsWilliam Morgan Sheppard, Charles de Vries, Kai Wulff, Joerg Salden, Felix Fuchssteiner, David Baalcke, Keith Hargrove, Rion Vernon, Scott McKean, Dale Dye
DWI MarketingRichard Flier, Amy Nabi
IT DirectorSteve Arnold

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