Written by  :  Mentifisto (33)
Written on  :  Aug 30, 2012
Rating  :  3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars
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London might not be as atmospheric as Gallowmere...

The Good

This sequel has slight improvements over the original, namely the storyline, which is a little more fleshed out (although linear). It is not as good when it comes to its vocabulary, though - the previous one is glorious with its descriptions of the medieval world, though admittedly the second game is set in the Victorian era, despite the name.

The Bad

The humour, which is the original's forte, is minimal at best. Sure, the bad guy speaks in a calm British accent, which does confer situations some funniness (sacrificing intimidation instead, which surely any person desiring to take over the world should possess) - but, yet again, it wouldn't compare to the fact that Zarok, from the previous game, was perusing a book on how to look good for the over 400s. Not to mention he nearly turned himself into a chicken, whereas Palethorn is immediately able to summon a titanic demon even though he could barely find the book's pages.

The Hall of Heroes was also, in my opinion, a much better venue than the prof's lab in this game. The prof merely stated that he had constructed the weapons he'd give you, but in the Hall of Heroes they were forged on the battlefield, previously owned by centaurs and defence-obsessed Germans alike!

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, a good and challenging hack-and-slash nonetheless.