Written by  :  SamandMax (78)
Written on  :  Oct 04, 2001
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An Above Average Game

The Good

The graphics are very good for the game,even though they could have been a bit better.The animation is done very well and is always smooth.There are fun scenes in the game like one where you must travel through Whitechapel after Jack the Ripper and one where you have to box.The story in the game has been improved over the first one.There's some scenes that actually are bit creepy.

The Bad

The game just seems like a rollercoaster ride.You're on a rail for the entire game and are told exactly what to do.Once in a while there's some innovation in the game,but it's mainly hack and slash.Although it's pretty challenge,this is a pretty short game that's over much too soon.You'll have no desire to play once finished.

The Bottom Line

It's basically just like every other 3D platformers except that this one has less inovation and more hack 'n slash.It has some fun moments but it's a short experience and you'll have no desire to play through the game again,unless you just want to play a scene or two.I'd suggest a rental for the game.