Written by  :  MegaMegaMan (2285)
Written on  :  Jun 30, 2008
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  0.86 Stars0.86 Stars0.86 Stars0.86 Stars0.86 Stars

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A horrible port of a great game

The Good

There isn't much that is good about this game. At it's core it is a good game, just a horribly botched port.

The Bad

The graphics - Terribly dumbed down graphics from the N64 version. Even for a psx game it looks terrible.

The controls - Half the time Ethan will walk when he should be running. Instead of running when you push hard on the joystiq, he will seemingly alternate between walking and running randomly.

Interface- The N64 version had a clean and functional interface but somewhere along the way whoever ported this decided to remove it in favor of a cluttered menu system. Saving is also a total chore.

Voices- Oh my god! The VO is sloppy, devoid of emotion and incredibly phoned in. Characters will pause mid speech sometimes and pick up a few seconds later, as if the voice actor was taking a drink of water. On top of that the music cuts out every time someone talks. Very annoying.

The Bottom Line

The game play was good and fun on the N64 version but the terrible port job completely ruins it on the PSX. If you want to play this game, which at it's core is a very fun experience, make sure it's for the N64.