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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case:
    The Breeding Frenzy Continues:

    Every CD you own contains a monster!

    Monster Rancher 2 can unleash hundreds of monsters from your common household CDs. That's right--you can actually use this game software to spawn unique monsters from any CD you own--music CDs, PC software CDs, or ever other game CDs. Every CD you own contains a monster that you can unleash into the world of Monster Rancher 2, and then nurture and raise him (or her) to be the ultimate fighting machine.

    *YOU'RE THE MASTER: fully interact with your new pets

    *Unlock secret expeditions, levels, and monsters

    *Hundreds of new monsters with monstrous attitudes

    *Release your Monster Rancher 1 monsters into the world of Monster Rancher 2

    Start Unleashing Your Monsters Today!

    Contributed by Pat Cdr (1222) on Oct 01, 2004.