Moto Racer 2 Credits (PlayStation)

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Moto Racer 2 Credits

Delphine Software International

DirectorPaul Cuisset
Project ManagerPhilippe Chastel
Art DirectorThierry Perreau
Project CoordinatorThierry Gaerthner
ProgrammersBenoist Aron, Patrick Bricout, Philippe Chastel, Nicolas Perret, Alain Ramond, Alain Tinarrage
3D ToolsPatrick Bricout, Philippe Chastel
Additional ToolsPaul Cuisset, Nicolas Perret
Track 3D Artwork and CreationLaurent Franchet, Hervé Gaerthner
3D Bikes ArtworkLaurent Franchet, Hervé Gaerthner, Denis Mercier, Frédéric Michel
Track Shape DesignThierry Perreau
Packaging Design (European Version)Thierry Perreau
Game TuningPaul Cuisset, Frédéric Pierrat, Alain Ramond
Lead TesterFrédéric Pierrat
TestersMoussa Legrain, Cécile Farneault, Rafi Messant, Gauthier Hamon
French Consultants ManagerPhilippe Delamarre
Legal and Business AffairsMarie-Pierre Meyrignac
Motorbike Technical ConsultantPhilippe Monneret
Sound EffectsInnerwaves
Voice TalentChristian Erickson
PC ManualKnockin' Boots Prod.
Press RelationsVictor Perez Communication
In‑Game Advertising ManagerCNM [Communications and New Media], Philippe Seban

EA North America

Executive In Charge of ProductionRob Martyn
ProducerDavid E. Davis
Associate ProducerRich Rogers
Assistant ProducersJoe Longworth, Andy Derber
Director of TechnologyColin Boswell (Bozz)
Product Marketing ManagerChris Lindner
Product ManagerDavid Zemke
Public RelationsJeane Wong
DocumentationAnthony Lynch
Documentation LayoutGolden Vizcomm
Test ManagerFrank Vigil
Lead TesterKeith Meyer
Assistant Lead TesterShannon Copur (Polar Bear)
TestersMyka G. Macaraeg (Mad Mac), Marc Meyer, Sean Blair, Zir-Paul Macaraeg, Phillip Hinkle, Stephen Cohrs, Duane Gundrum, Minkz Ngo, Owen Nelson, Michael R. Lawson, Mahmud Rihab Mahmud, Dave Haws, Robert Ivey
Studio OperationsPaulette Doudell
Quality Assurance SupervisorJoel Knutson
Quality AssuranceBenjamin Crick, Jamil Dawsari, Jay Miller, Gabriel Gils Carbó, Todd Manning, Bobby Joe
Intro SequenceMondo Media, Peter Hermann, Melissa Kangeter
Special Thanks toBrooke Harris, Joe Keene, Luc Barthelet, Erica Yenni Thomas, Jerris Mungai, Christine McGavran, Michel Cassius, Andrew Phillips, Scott Zimbler, Michael Quigley, Frank Gibeau, John McKnight (, Brian Booth (Pro Circuit), Brian Weston, MikeeeP, Ken Zarifes, Gary Rodgers, Matt Raver, Scott Steffen, Mike Kidd (, Randy Kidd (, Clive Downie

EA Europe

Label ManagementAndrew Phillips
Product ManagementDarryl Still
Studio OperationsSteve Fitton
Documentation ManagementAnita K. Legg
Localization ManagementSonia Yazmadjian


Certain Music Written & Performed by "Bottomdawg"Robert Ivey, Steve Cohrs, Rupert Estanislao, Mike Whitt
Certain Music Written & Performed by "The Have-Nots"Mike Leon, Jamie Meurer, Mike Lawson, Robert Ivey

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16121)