Moto Racer 2 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Intro movie scene
Loading screen 1
Title screen
Number of players and difficulty selection screen
Select your play mode
List of tracks: You can select 32 different tracks to play
Select your bike
After selecting your bike, you must select transmission
The race starts
Inside the tunnel
Crossing the city
Championship mode, you must play the other championships to unlock the Ultimate championship
In Sahara desert, the people is watching you
Racing with rain conditions in the jungle
Loading screen 2
Making some air tricks in dirt tracks are dangerous, so don't try this in house
You can race also with snow conditions
The all-new track creator allows you to create your own tracks and store them in the memory card.
Racing at night in brittany.
Michelin tires, a good game partner.
After your victory, you can watch your replay of the race.
2 player race, you can play against a friend in this mode.