MTV Celebrity Deathmatch Credits

Coresoft, Inc.

Art DirectorSteven Ehrensperger
DesignerSteven Ehrensperger, Martin Jajam
Lead ProgrammerMartin Jajam
Character AnimationMike Montague, Michael Wolf
ArtMike Montague, Michael Wolf
2D Art and TexturesLen Gatdula
Director of TechnologyChris Harvey
PresidentDave Connelly
CEODave Connelly
Chief Financial OfficerMary Ellen Connelly
Additional ProductionAlan Pavlish
Sound EffectsMartin Jajam
Special ThanksChloe Connelly, Duncan Connelly, Ciara Connelly, Bob Thompson, Darren Mohle, Tara Harvey, Gretchen Widmer, Sofia Montague, Maryanne Morse, Jennye Laws-Woolf, The one they call girls, Joey Harris, Terry Kreller, Thanks to all the celebrities whose cooperation allowed us to make this game

Take2 Baltimore

ProducerMatthew Kreager
VP of PublishingChris Mate
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Corporate Communications ManagerAnne Marie Sims
Art DirectorMike Snyder
QA DirectorPhil Santiago
QA SupervisorFrank Kirchner
QA Project LeadCharles Franklin
Quality AssuranceLisa Nawrot, Greg Peeler, Joshua Noll, Josh Rose, Scott Vail, Tom McConlogue, Rich Koeckert
Technical SupportPatricia Saneman, Kathy Young, David Thomas, Judy Pentz, Pete Stewart, Mykl Ranere, Ryan Ogle, Daniel Karp, Craig Crouse

Gotham Games

PresidentJamie Leece
Assistant ProducerJames Pacquing
Product ManagerJay Fitzloff
General ManagerGreg Ryan
Business DevelopmentJuan Gutierrez
Senior ProducerDavid Nottingham
Public RelationsJustin Schwartz
Creative ServicesMichael Cala, Larry Conti, Dan Lish
Production ServicesDaniel Einzig, Jennifer Kolbe, James Pacquing, Dean Martinetti, Marc Nesbitt, Gregg Sanderson, Peter Banks, David Youn, Kristine Severson, Peggy Yu

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (64696)