N2O Nitrous Oxide Credits


Design & ProgrammingAntony Crowther
ProducerPeter Dalton
Lead ArtistIra Hill
ArtistsNick Tipping, Berni (credited as Berni)
Additional ArtworkDamon Godley, Steve Warburton, Ricki Martin
Sound FXKevin Saville, Antony Crowther
Video Music & Sound FXCraig Conner
Additional Programming & MasteringAllan Walker
Video DesignAlan Coltman, Les Spink, Darren Mills
Video End SequenceDarren Mills
Additional ProgrammingPhilip Rankin, Jacob Habgood, Jim Tebbut
LocalisationSarah Bennett
Japanese TranslationsSatoshi Hori
Manual & PackagingMartin Calpin, Richard Cartwright, Chantal Beaumont, Cos Lazouras
Technical SupportNick Oxley, Patrick Armstrong, Matthew Wilson
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Creative ManagerPatrick Phelan
QA ManagerCarl Cavers
Test SupervisorJonathan Watson
Test SupportJames McCarthy
Lead TesterJulia Sturman
TestersTravis Ryan, Martin Berridge, Les Dungate, Matt Tuckett, Andrew Home, Stephen Woodward, Matt Fu
Special Thanks ToAndrew Chapman, Niall Dunne, Chris Crowther


The Crystal MethodKenneth Jordan, Scott Kirkland
ManagementRichard Bishop

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (51819) and Thespo Vandi (88)