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NBA in the Zone (PlayStation)

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Video Games & Computer Entertainment
Forget Run 'n' Gun, push aside NBA Live '96 and throw out NBA Jam: NBA In the Zone is all you need to know.
GameFan Magazine
Konami puts the emphasis on sports, before they smash the action competition. Just like the good ol' NES days! Konami has proven they are still a force in sports gaming with In the Zone, the first sports game where polygon characters actually work properly. Great control, slammin' action, and good tunes to boot. I'm lovin' this one!
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
The gameplay is incredible and the graphics outstanding. This game may cause companies to think twice before hitting the PlayStation hard court.
Video Games
Durch die größere Detailgenauigkeit rückt Konamis NBA näher an die Qualität einer Liveübertragung heran, als dies bei Acclaims NBA Jam der Fall war. Dennoch liegt auch hier wieder der Schwerpunkt auf schnell erlernbarem Gameplay und viel Action, was eigentlich schon mein einziger Kritikpunkt an NBA In The Zone wäre (außer der schweinchenrosa Hautfarbe von Schrempf). Viele Gedanken um eine bestimmte Taktik braucht man sich im Spiel gegen den Computer nämlich nicht zu machen - filmreife Dunks hinzulegen, macht aber irgendwo auch mehr Spaß.
GamePro (US)
As the lone contender in the Playstation basketball-sim arena, NBA In the Zone is worth the price of admission, at least until challengers like NBA Live '96 enter the fray.
Game Players
Take the beautiful graphical approach of In The Zone and throw in some old fashioned gameplay and simulation and you have a near-perfect hoops game. Unfortunately, NBA In The Zone is just a beautiful dunk fest, without any real hard-core basketball action. Definitely a game you should check out, but basketball fanatics might want to wait for a better basketball sim experience.
In The Zone has set up camp firmly in the third category, and adamantly refuses to budge. To begin with, there are only five players per team, with no substitutions. There's also no season, only playoffs and exhibitions. In fact, the game plays more like a Sports Illustrated tape of slam dunk highlights than an actual game. And while this may seem interesting at first, it can't sustain the type of longterm commitment that a true sports sim can.
The Video Game Critic
Despite the fond memories it brings back, In The Zone is pretty shallow and hasn't aged well. Once it could get by on its graphics alone, but those days are long gone.