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There are a lot of basketball games on the market now, and making your purchase decision varies on a lot of factors. If you want a game with tons of eye candy, then look the other way. But if you want a game with some originality and smooth playability, then maybe you should pick up copy of NBA ShootOut 2002 for yourself.
GameSpot (Oct 10, 2001)
NBA ShootOut 2002 is virtually identical to last year's game. If you're interested in the updated rosters and slightly faster gameplay, then the game is worth a closer look, but otherwise, NBA ShootOut 2002 hasn't changed enough to warrant a purchase.
Gamezilla (Oct 23, 2001)
By now, you’ve probably got the sense that I’m not too keen on this game. It’s not terrible, but like the aforementioned baseball and football titles, it offers nothing new and improved. If you’re a fan of the series and absolutely must have the updated rosters, then you may want to... uh, forget it, don’t buy it anyway! Ya know, it’s a sad thing -- I was hoping the last hurrah for Sony’s PSX sport franchises would yield better results. Unfortunately, it seems as if Sony is satisfied providing their loyal followers with mediocre last efforts. It’s almost as if Sony wants PSX owners, looking for “new and improved,” to look elsewhere. Hey... I might be on to something here!
GamePro (US) (Oct 04, 2001)
Wondering how ShootOut fares in its final PlayStation season? Unfortunately, the scouting report is grim, think Clippers.
I see NBA ShootOut 2002 as a veteran player, too proud to hang up its shoes and retire, forcing us to watch in agony as it limps down the court. It's rather sad, really – but not as sad as you'll be if you draft it into your game library. Even if I never played NBA 2K1 or NBA Live, I'd still know this game sucks.
Sports Gaming Network (Nov 14, 2001)
ShootOut 2002 is very similar to ShootOut 2001 in almost every way. With that said, the overall score of the game will be about the same. Ian Eagle provides stellar, but emotionless, announcing, but the rest of the game is not much to cheer about. Even for fans of the series, I would not suggest to buy the game. The improvements are not great enough to warrant a purchase. You would think that 989 Sports after all these years on the PSOne would know all the tricks of the trade in making a basketball game. Until 989 wakes up and smells the coffee and they will continue to dwindle in mediocrity and play second fiddle to Sega Sports and EA.
Other than updated rosters, it’s identical to ShootOut 2001, which in turn is a replica of ShootOut 2000. From now on, I’ll always refer to 989 as "Thieves of Children’s Money." Shameful!