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This is a definite improvement from last year's game. With better A.I. and more advanced features for player control the game has taken a step in the right direction. The play book still needs to be more specialized for each team, not just one custom selection. The game looks good and the feel is decent. I don't know if this can take the title away from Madden but it is a strong title on its own.
GameSpot (Aug 18, 2000)
In the end, GameDay 2001, aside from its obvious roster updates and a few minor additions, is totally identical to last year's title, which was a really good game.
IGN (Aug 21, 2000)
The only consolation, this time around, is that perhaps 989 Sports was just too busy to make the necessary changes needed to keep this game in the running with Madden. Too busy, that is, making a go at a Madden-killer with the new GameDay for PS2? One never one? In the meantime, give this game a go, and see if it is your cup of football "T".
NFL GameDay 2001 is, like so many football games before it, a bit too difficult for its own good. That being said, 989 Sports' latest revision of the first PlayStation football franchise still manages to pack a whole lot of great football into Sony's little gray machine. The game looks great, plays about as well as expected and has all the important extras that a football simulation needs to succeed. Sports game fanatics will certainly find everything to love about this game, but casual gamers and nongamer football fans will likely find NFL GameDay 2001 overwhelming due to the steep learning curve, a confusing play selection system and occasional bouts of questionable design.
PSX Nation (Aug 20, 2000)
Well it appears that Gameday went out without much ado. This series is still a strong one that should make a huge splash on the PS2. If you've never owned a Gameday then you might want to check this out. All others should check out Madden, which managed to bring out a good time!
The Video Game Critic (Jan 14, 2012)
The audio quality of the commentary is much clearer this year, and the licensed songs have been mercifully axed. One new feature is "new player models" that are supposed to be scaled to the height and weight of the actual players. Frankly I would not have noticed if I hadn't read about it on the back of the box. GameDay 2001 is very offensive-minded with runningbacks who shed would-be tacklers with ease and receivers that make a lot of leaping grabs. There were a few times when I witnessed a receiver shove a defender out of the way, make the catch, and take it to the house. Not cool! In one game there was a particularly heinous glitch where I couldn't see the plays on the selection screen! It shook my faith in the game, but I'm hoping it was just an isolated incident. GameDay 2001 isn't terrible, but it could use some fine-tuning.