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NFL GameDay 98 (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

NFL GameDay 98 Credits


ProgrammersKelly Walker, Chris Foley, Michael McMahon, David Simpson, Bill Long
ArtistsHolliday R. Horton, George Rothrock, Liam McMahon, Joel Goodman
ProducersChristopher Whaley, Andre Leighton
Senior Director, Product MarketingPeter Dille
Senior Product ManagerCraig Ostrander
Assistant Product ManagerAllan Frankel
Sound and MusicRex Baca, Scott McMahon
AI and Playbook ConsultationJerome Bettis, Chad Brown, Lamont Warren, Christian Fauria, Kelly Ryan, Craig Ostrander
Additional ProgrammersScott A. Murray, Tim Monk, Amir Zbeda
Public RelationsHelene Sheeler
StatisticsGreg Batalucco
Lead TesterWalter McDowell
Documentation and LayoutDavid Lovalvo
Special ThanksGene Goldberg, Monty Amdursky, LaShun Lawson, Doug Ramsay, Clay Walker, Kaz Hirai, Andrew House, Jack Tretton, Kelly Flock, Jeffrey Fox, Louis M. Reyes, Dennis O'Malley, Frank O'Malley, Brian Dimick, Bob Gayman, Howard Liebeskind, Marilyn Weyant, Kim Hornecker, Nemer Velasquez, Jean Galli, Nicole McGrath, Kim Bardakian, Peggy Gallagher, David Greenspan, Kerry Hopkins, Jeff Hutchinson, Colin MacLean, Yvonne Smith, Terri Rago, Cindy McAndrew, Mark Pentek, P. Kevin Horn, Ricky Brown, Donald Vercelli, Beth Tigay, Phylicia Huntington, Jennifer Fox, Christa Carter, Michelle Whitmer, Susan Nourai, Maggie Baquero, Shelley Ashitomi, Becky Sanford, Bruce Cochrane, Eric Molina, James W. Harper, Chris Johnson, Victor Quimson, Kevin Seiter, Jason Torres, Donovan Soto, Richard Cummings, Mimi Nguyen, Darnell Robinson, Jim Schmaltz, Leslie Chen

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10067)