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NHL 2001 (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

NHL 2001 Credits

Page 44 Studios LLC

Lead ProgrammerBruce Gottlieb
ProgrammerBrad Harrison, Willy Lee, Michael Dimambro
ArtChristopher Klamm, Paul Drzewiecki
Technical DirectorDenis L. Fung
Executive ProducerScott Rohde
Art DirectorCraig Schiller
Additional ArtTom Adams, Brian Ransom
General ManagerSteven Apour
ProducerChristopher Smith

Electronic Arts Canada

ProgrammerMichael Heilemann, Jonathan Lawlor
Audio ProgrammerRyan T. Sammartino
Graphic ArtistJeff Buchwitz, Cory Yip
AnimatorJay Bulbrook
Art DirectorRick Stringfellow
Technical Artist Ted Nugent, Paul Inouye
AudioTim Foley, Doug Hollinrake, John Jacyna, Jeff Mair, Andy Teal, Markus Westerholz, Aleksandar Zecevic
Senior Development DirectorDenise Fulton
Development DirectorKevin Loken
Line Development DirectorDavid McCarthy
Executive ProducerRory Armes
Production CoordinatorBryna Dabby
Assistant ProducerBill Kim, Kerry McGaffney
Localization ProducerLouise Read, Janie Toivanen
Associate ProducerMichael J. Sokyrka
Line ProducerKevin Wilkinson
Marketing Ben Brinkman, Dan Holman, Trudy Muller
SOA Product ManagerHeather Ito
SOA Team LeadFrank Benton
TesterLach Fergusson, Garrett Knights, Griffin Mitchell, Ryan Nordman, Erwin Tang, Sean Walsh, Gregory Williams, Michael Wong
Senior TesterPeter Farkas, Peter Dodson
Quality Assurance SupportMichael Rhodes, Jason Feser, Bob Purewal, Colin Cox, D'Arcy Gog, Mark Henderson, Brian Oberquell, Peter Petkov, Cary Chao, Shamus Frigon, Chris Roy
LocalizationCarole Enahoro, Joel Frigon, Manne Börjel, Bernd Niemietz, Marco Nuhsbaum, Gregory Touilliez, Sami Valkama, Jiří Jakubec

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Credits for this game were contributed by renderman (21)