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NHL FaceOff '97 (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

NHL FaceOff '97 Credits


Design and Developed By Killer GameRaja Altenhoff, Tom Braski, Craig Broadbooks, Josh Hassin, Tawn Kramer, Alan Scales
ProducerKelly Ryan
Associate ProducerJody Kelsey Jr.
Executive ProducerChristopher Whaley
Audio and Video DepartmentRex Baca, Joel H. Copen, Joe Hight, Scott McMahon
Lead TesterKevin Burns
TestersBrian Canary, Eddy Cramm, Damien Evans, Dave Santa Maria
MarketingPeter Dille, Allan Frankel, Craig Ostrander
Documentation and LayoutT. S. Flanagan
Special Thanks ToKathleen Atkins, Michael A. Carlucci (Announcer), Kelly Flock, Jean Galli, Melanie Hitchcock, Kerry Hopkins, P. Kevin Horn, Ilene Kent, Howard Liebeskind, Nicole McGrath, Karen Nulty, Catherine Mary O'Brien, Doug Reid, Kim Shanklin, Bruce Bennett Studios, Nemer Velasquez, Michelle Vercelli, Marilyn Weyant
Quality Assurance ManagerMark Pentek
Lead AnalystNeil Musser
Assistant Lead AnalystChad Lowe
Game AnalystsJoseph Aragones, Sako Bezdjian, Bruce Cochrane, Scott Crisostomo, James W. Harper, Chris Johnson, Mark Lerma, Bill Martorana, Eric Molina, Alben Pedroso, Todd Pifer, Victor Quimson, Randy Smaha, Chris Walker, Micahel Wu, Richard Cummings

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Credits for this game were contributed by Frumple (934)