NHL Rock the Rink Credits

Development Team

Executive ProducerRory Armes
Senior ProducerKevin Wilkinson
ProducerMichael Mann
Assistant ProducerDoug Hollinrake
Senior Development DirectorDenise Fulton
Development DirectorHeidi Ernest
Production CoordinatorJanie Toivanen
Production AssistantBryna Dabby
Lead ProgrammerJohn Harvey
Lead Programmer and AI LeadDave Forshaw
Rendering ProgrammerBotros Gerges
Front End ProgrammerJesse Joudrey
AI ProgrammerKurt Shuster
Animation ProgrammerLance Wall
Additional ProgrammingLaurent Ancessi, David Ferguson
Audio ProgrammingRobert Bailey
Art DirectorDavid Adams, Bryce Cochrane
Technical Art DirectorScott Swan
Front End Design & 2D ArtJeff Buchwitz
Lead AnimatorSean Letts
AnimatorMitch Cleroux, Stephen Rowe
Computer Technical ArtistPaul Inouye
Arena Design, Modeling and TexturesMargaret Livesey
Arenas, Player Models & In-Game ArtVanessa Gonwick
Areana & In Game ArtRoss Young
Lead AudioJeff Mair
Commentary EngineAleksandar Zecevic
Punk Rawk AudioAndy Teal


Project ManagerHeather Ito
Team LeadEric Haugen
Senior TestersFrank Benton, Ryan Yewell
TestersAnim Ali, Ted Carefoot, Peter Farkas, Lach Fergusson, Joel Frigon, Michael Lee, Antoine Peltier, Paul Rodgers, Chris Roy, Shane Ward, Dean Richards, Greg Lutzer
MasteringCary Chao, Shamus Frigon, Peter Petkov
Compatibility Testing:Colin Cox, D'Arcy Gog, Mark Henderson, Brian Oberquell


Product Marketing ManagerBrian Coleman
Public Relations ManagerTrudy Muller
Assistant Product ManagerOtis Perrick

Art Services

Support Project ManagerPatrick Colgan
Tech LeadZech Prinz
RiggingAction Stunts
Rigging and Stunt CoordinatorCurt Bonn
StuntsJoe Deserro, John Angus MacDonald, Darryl Scheelar, Paul Wu
Shoot SupervisorAndrea Donnelly
Production Manager (Motion Capture)David Pierce
Senior Motion Capture SpecialistStefan Van Niekerk
Manager Video PostMark Lange
Video Graphic ElementsBruce McKinnon, Dwayne Wudrich
Commentary AnnouncerDon Taylor

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Cary Chao, 30 other games
Mark Lange, 28 other games
David Adams, 28 other games
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Zech Prinz, 24 other games
Trudy Muller, 23 other games
Brian Oberquell, 22 other games
Andy Teal, 19 other games
Otis Perrick, 18 other games
Aleksandar Zecevic, 18 other games
Greg Lutzer, 18 other games
Frank Benton, 17 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by John Harvey (137)