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Game Vortex (Dec 16, 2002)
I wouldn't say EA has created a hockey game that hockey fans won't like, but if you're looking for the Madden 2000 of hockey, this isn't it. Rock The Rink is a great party game, and gives hockey a twist that will appeal to any sports fan. I personally haven't been too enthused with hockey games in the past, but Rock The Rink does everything right and gives the NHL franchise enough of a facelift to make Stone-Cold Steve Austin jealous. He's my goalie, by the way...
Gamezilla (May 13, 2000)
With all of the team to unlock, all of the rewards to unlock, and just playing it and having fun, this game will keep you entertained for a long time to come. In the end, if you are a fan of hockey, you must own this.
GameSpot (Mar 22, 2000)
NHL Rock the Rink is a pleasantly surprising "extreme" sports game. It doesn't get muddled down with too much stat tracking or too many gameplay options. It's a basic, bare-bones game that lets you jump right in and score some goals. Hockey fans may find that the game strays a bit too far from their favorite sport, but the game is amazingly exciting and makes a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a fast-paced competitive game.
EA Sports has done an excellent job of adding variety and continued interest to a hockey game by violating all the rules of the game. Hey, I think it's great to be able to body slam that pantywaist goalie who gets over-protected in the real game. So strap on the helmet, get ready to give (and receive) some massive hits and have some fun!
PSX Extreme (Mar 23, 2000)
NHL Rock the Rink is a great game. Although it doesn't use the NHL license very much, it provides tons of fun. In my opinion this is EA's first sleeper of 2000, there are a total 34 hockey teams and that is including the fictional teams. Then you have the create a team option which gives the game more replay value and the 2-player mode which is a blast. If you enjoy a clean game of hockey and prefer sims then you should stay away from NHL Rock the Rink, but if you are like me and prefer any game that's good and especially one that lets you beat your opponent mindlessly, then pick up NHL Rock the Rink.
Gaming Age (Sep 13, 2004)
Rock the Rink is a very pleasant surprise. I wasn't really expecting too much from it, and it turned out to be one of the most fun games I've played in a while. Fans of the sport should definitely give it a shot, and casual gamers should at least give it a rental. I really hope that EA will continue this series on a future console, as there are a few things that could still be done, as I outlined above. As is, Rock the Rink provides hours of fun and is even better when you get a group of friends together. It basically does for hockey, what NFL Blitz did for football.
For a time I was very entertained by the challenge of the game and its goofy action, but it seems almost like an add-on to the true simulation. If hockey is your favorite videogame sport or you like your games like Blitz, I say go for it. Otherwise, it's a rental at best.
IGN (Mar 16, 2000)
Rock the Rink definitely won't have the same staying power as a solid realistic sports title, but it's still an extremely fun game. The best part is that it's fun in both single player and multiplayer modes, which is sometimes a rarity in today's games. Not bad, EA.
Video Games (Jun, 2000)
Anfangs konnte ich das Game nicht ausstehen. Zu unübersichtlich kam mir der Spielablauf vor und auf die Idee, Comic-Spieler gegen Menschen antreten zu lassen, war ja nicht neu. Doch man darf sich nicht vom ersten Eindruck abschrecken lassen. Auch wenn es nicht schwer ist, in das Game hinein zu kommen und der Ablauf nicht allzu anspruchsvoll ist, macht NHL Rocks the Rink einfach Spaß und ist immer wieder für eine schnelle Runde zwischendurch gut. Insbesondere gegen menschliche Mitspieler kann das Game schnell zu einer regelrechten Schlacht ausarten. Fans des realen Eishockeys sollten aber nicht zu viel erwarten.
PSM (May, 2000)
The whole thing quickly degenerates into a button-mashing frenzy, really, but that's not to say you can't use regular hockey tactics. It's just not meant to be that kind of game... this is the NFL Blitz of the hockey universe and as a pick up and play party game, when the guys are round and you're looking for a quick multi-player blast, Rock the Rink fits the bill perfectly.
Mega Fun (Jul, 2000)
Wenn ich mir NHL Rock the Rink ansehe. frage ich mich wirklich, ob es bei EA keine Produktqualitätsprüfer gibt oder ob die besseren Programmierer vielleicht gerade im Urlaub waren oder sonst etwas. Zwar bietet Rock the Rink viel Erfrischendes an Ideen, aber leider ist die grafische Umsetzung dermaßen mau, dass man recht schnell NHL 2000 oder NHL2K ohne Schiri spielen will. Die zu Anfang noch witzigen Prügeleien gehen einem schnell auf den Keks, ebenso die „Spezialbewegungen“, die per Power-Knopf fast immer zum Torerfolg führen.
Naturligtvis går det inte att jämföra NHL Rock the Rink med Electronic Arts klassiska NHL-serie, men jag föredrar ändå den senare hundra gånger om framför NHL Rock the Rink. Jag är säker på att ni kommer att göra detsamma. För det här är inte det minsta roligt, trots att det säkert var Electronic Arts avsikt.