The Note Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Intro: Akira, the player
Intro: Showing the fearsome Necromeda
Main menu
Language selection screen
TV brightness adjustment
Cutscene: Akira and Angela entering the mansion.
One of the rooms inside the mansion.
This shotgun will be mandatory since the mansion is filled with deadly creatures.
Opening curtains lightens up the rooms, allowing you to take a better look at certain objects.
One of the moodily lit corridors.
Cutscene: Asking woman if she has seen the kids. She's looking for something, too.
The backyard, leading to a shed.
The town
You can buy more supplies from the store
If you need to rest, the town also has a hotel
You can save your game in the town
A dead rat in the kitchen.
A medallion hidden inside a container.
You can light torches with matches, just remember to buy more if you run out.
In survival horror fashion, you can unlock doors leading to previous areas.
A nice view of the stairs in the mansion.
There's a bat roaming the upstairs.
An altar protected by a (now dead) wolf.
The map screen will come handy with all the similar looking corridors.