Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title Screen
Main menu
GameSpeak has been greatly enhanced, with more creatures and much more complex commands!
As always, even loading screens are funny in Oddworld games
The intro shows some shamanic Mudokon rituals...
...and beautiful desert scenes rather reminiscent of Moses
The game's first part takes place in mines divided into several large levels. This is the boiler room; Abe is trying to tiptoe, even though the Slog is above
A tunnel level early in the game. Interacting with other Mudokons is important
View the statistics and guide Mudokons to safety!..
Like before, some levels have depth perspective. In the background, Abe is trying to run away from a Slig
Turn valves to open doors
Mine car ride!..
Flying Sligs - what a phenomenon
Learn to fart properly. No, really!..
Like the first game, the middle part of the sequel takes place in tribal, "wild", exotic natural environments
You made it to the roots of the giant tree. You crouch in awe
Abe has been eaten by that tropical snake, or whatever it is. Seriously! That's why his belly is inflated!
Lovely backgrounds! Abe is contemplating stuff
A mysterious temple. Looks like Abe is feeling a bit... blue
Purple returns, and so are ferocious Paramites, sacks of meat, and other paraphernalia
Powerful Scrab
Naturally, we also have temple hubs and alike
Try chanting when cameras are there, and you'll be zapped!..
Secluded area - chanting in progress, bird portal is opening!..
Slogs are as vicious as ever
Beautiful caves! Abe is hoisting up
Watching news
The second half of the game takes us back to grim, industrial, semi-sci-fi levels
Laughing gas
You can now possess Glukkons!
In cases you didn't know - farts are fun
This area almost feels like city streets!..
Some areas have maps you can view in certain locations
You've infiltrated the enemy's headquarters. Vykkers lab is ahead. Tight security
This area of the city reminds of "slum" levels
Excessive bombs, Sligs, and general assorted electronics make a triumphant return
Slig Barracks. The game just goes on and on...
Another beautiful scene - this time with a floating bomb!
The final chapters of the game see you return to Zulag from the predecessor. This is the first "hub" area
One of the Zulag interior locations. No, Abe isn't dead - just knocked himself down by running into a barrier
Oh, my... classical platforming elements prevail
A familiar advertisement catches your eye
One of the last levels. Are you ready for the final challenge, Abe?..