One Credits (PlayStation)

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One Credits

ASC Games

PresidentDavid J. Klein
Executive ProducerHoward Schwartz
Associate ProducerLuciano Manente
Lead AnalystMick Devitt
Logo Concept  and DesignTodd R. Emmerson, Luciano Manente
Packaging DesignLeslie Cullen, Todd R. Emmerson, Cindy C. Wieting
ManualJana Gabe
TestersSantos Gonzalez, Oswald Greene Jr., Rich Rosado, Joe Rubin
Special ThanksDanielle Araiche, Craig Barzelatto, Jayson Bernstein, Jeffrey Castaneda, Wayne Craig, Jason Gomez, Steve Grossman, Bill Kosovitich, Paul S. Lindsay, Michael Masone, Dave Randall, Chris Randall, Ed Salzano, Michael Schedlich, Caryn Schwartz, Chris Van Dyke, Travis Williams

Visual Concepts

DesignVisual Concepts Entertainment
Director of DevelopmentScott L. Patterson
EngineeringTim Meekins, Ronald Pieket-Weeserik
Additional EngineeringPaul Robinson, David O'Connor, Tim Walter
ArtworkMatthew Crysdale, Steve Paris, Eric Fong, Victor Gerth, David Dame
Additional ArtworkFred Wong, Ray Wong, Mark A. Anderson, Lenny Lee, Cameron Chun, Dale Henderscheid, Julian Liao, Omar Velasco
Directory of TechnologyTim Walter
Lead Library EngineerDavid O'Connor
Lead Tools EngineerAudrey Seymour
Library EngineerChuck Batson
Tools EngineersJoshua Lee, Owen Brand, Nick Verne
Music and Sound DesignMark Chosak
TalentTerry Torok, Kelly-Jean Dammeyer
Quality AssuranceJustin Siller
Executive ProducerGregory A. Thomas
Special ThanksRyan Plank, Alice Crysdale, Nicholas A. Jones, Doug Ferguson, Alvin Cardona, Gery Neville

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Credits for this game were contributed by tlm (596) and topsyturvy (357)