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Pac-Man World (PlayStation)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Pac-Man World Credits


Lead ProgrammerGil Colgate
ProgrammerJoey Headen, Brian Leake, Roman Scharnberg
Level ArtMartin Cameron, Montgomery Kane, Ken McAll, Neil Strudwick, Brian Wanamaker
AnimationVince Joly
Level LayoutHardy F. LeBel Sr., Scott Rogers
Conceptual DesignMichael McLaughlin
Director of R&DJesse Taylor
ProducerBrian Schorr
Executive ProducerDana Christianson
Sound and Music Tommy Tallarico
Director of MarketingMike Fischer
Marketing and PRJennifer Fitzsimmons
Senior Executive ProducerMasaya Nakamura
Quality AssuranceEruch Adams, Gabe Benveniste, Edward Chennault, Brian Coker, Eric Coker, James Guirao, Scott Hill, Jared Jackson, Kyle Mannerberg, Hall Nguy, Hien Nguyen, Francisco Rivera, Itai Rom, Mark Sau, Shawn Taylor
Special ThanksYasuhiko Asada, Garry Cole, Namco Holding Corporation, Aron Drayer, Paul Guirao, Yoshinori Homma, Takefumi Hyōdō, Shukuo Ishikawa, Nobuhiro Kasahara, Masanori Kato, Alex McLaren, Jeff Miller, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Jennifer Tersigni, Shigeru Yokoyama, Hideki Yoshimoto

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Credits for this game were contributed by Frumple (934)