PaRappa the Rapper Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

PaRappa ogles the flower of his dreams, Sunny Funny.
Title screen
Going to get burgers, a PaRappa gang tradition!
Main menu
Bullies threaten the meal.
Training with master onion
Whatever that means...
The rap here is simple... although the master doesn't like my performance.
Your antagonist, Joe Chin, has designs on Sunny.
A little accident with a car and a donut stand, P.J. doesn't seem to mind.
Mooselini is going to teach you to drive...
... with this wonderful rap.
That won't stop ParRappa.
Prince Fleaswallow
Teaching you how to sell at the flea market.
Cheep Cheep Cooking Chicken's Rap
Not doing well? Cheep Cheep comes out to menace you.
Cheep Cheep is getting frustrated with your rapping.
Rapping against everyone to use a gas station restroom.
Mooselini is up next.
Sunny's father, your taking Sunny out on a date.
Except you Imus.
PaRappa's catch phrase
The MC King keeps rapping with aplomb.