Written by  :  MAT (180885)
Written on  :  Apr 03, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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A certain classic and one of top games in my collection :)

The Good

Oh boy, oh boy! I still can't believe I have this game. I mean, I never wanted to buy PlayStation just because I like some game that doesn't exist on PC, and yet, I'm a sucker to that point that I would buy a whole computer just for one game... that is, if it's good enough. Well here's how it all began...

***January, 2001***
'Hey there! I just came to see if you have any game to play, I mean, I've finished all of mines... except some bloody old games that I can barely play on my computer, I mean... hey, what's that? A Fajnel Fantazi? Oh, a Final Fantasy VIII, hey man, how did you wrote that title, I mean, I know you wrote it as we read, but this sure isn't correct nor for our nor for english language. Well, I've seen that game a few times, only a CD copy, not the game itself, was it worthy a shot? What, you have a PSX version? Can you play it on your PC? Oh, you can, but you cannot save games 'cos you have bad emulators! Well, never mind, that game exists for PC, didn't you know that? Looo-hooo-hoooo-seeer! Anyway, I'm a sucker for animations, so you can at least start the intro animation, just to see how it looks alike, phwah, as if I'll like Japanese anime - never did, never will!'

***February, 2001 (Part I)***
'Hey, was that a postman!!?? Okay, okay, I'll open! What's that... nooo way, already?? Whow, I sure have the best vendor in the world getting me this game at such price. Huh, guess now I realise why these silly americans like this game even though it has no speech. But I don't care, I'm here only for animations... ooooh, and a nice music I hear in the background... whow, and a story. Heck, lemme check on the internet what else carries the name of Square Soft!'

***February, 2001 (Part II)***
'Oh, another bell, I wonder what that could be, hehehe... oh, look, goodie! Another Final Fantasy, and it's the seventh part. Well, these animations sure look crappy, but with story and music like that, who cares! I'm beginning to like that Square Soft, only now I hav to find the way how to get myself games from them that can be played on my PC and yet do not exist as PC version. Games like Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 with great animations and music, and stories. All the main elements included :)'

***March, 2001***
'Oh, now that I've ordered Parasite Eve from Chips&Bits, and they've gone off-stock, hehe, let's hope I'll be able to assemble this emulator... (few secs later)... now where would this plugg-in go... (few minutes later)... huh, it's even easier then I thought, now the sound... hey, what's wrong... (few hours later)... ahh, finally. No great work goes unrewarded. Let's Parasite!!!'

And so did I start my first PSX game on my PC and finished it like vry next day or two. The absolute best thing about this game is that no matter you cannot save your game whenevr you like (likethat goes with PC games), you can achieve victory quite with easy effort. Of course, you have to posses at least my gaming skills to do so, hehe. And as for the final enemy, no matter how many times it morphed, it is not hard to kill it, as it usually is hard with ever Final Fantasy frickin' games. And hey, I hate when I simply cannot pass the final boss without some cheat, or if I didn't upgrade my character strong enough through the game. Just when I think of great games like Half-Life or Half-Life: Opposing Force where you can kill the main boss in less then couple of mins, and with not much effort for solid gameplayer, now that's what I like.

Since I'm still in 'what I like' section, it doesn't really matter what I'll start with first. But okay, let's start with the story... which is really great. Of course, my mom left the building as soon as she sensed there might be some horrifying scenes, like burning terror on the stage, but I don't care, as long as I have Aya on my side :) Well, EVE is actually some kind of advanced mitochondria, and people around her are set on fire quite quickly, except it doesn't work with Aya. Well, the story goes way back when Aya lost her mom and sister, so there was some transplanting of organs in Aya and/or Melissa (EVE), not sure anymore, but Aya (your character) has the resistance on her own mitochondria inside. You'll see what I mean when you gt to the ingame point when you'll look her blood sample on the microscope. Aya is, as for those who don't know, a police officer, six months on the job, and with a partner, Daniel, who has rather 20 years of experience. They're so called 'father and daughter' team, and you can say they go by that, since Aya lost her family in a crash accident. Well, not to spill more beans, take the game and play it if you like it.

As for the animations, there sure is a certain touch of oldnes in characters, but I like it. I like it a lot, actually, though I've seen how Aya looks in Parasite Eve and I like that even more... speaking of animations, that is, hehe. The battle system is simply great, especially if you compare the one from Final Fantasy or Chrono Cross with this one. You can freely run, shoot, use your powers, or whatever you can select from a menu. Also, when you battle, you battle at the same position where you encounter a battle. If you don't know what I mean, just remember how whole screen changes when you battle in Final Fantasy series. As for the music, it's amazing. Great, very good quality, and I just like Square Soft game music in general, and not long ago I wouldn't even know if anyone asked me about Square Soft. I'd probably reply like Square what? LOL!

The Bad

Why are good games always short? ;) I mean, I just love this game, and the limit was like 10 hours of playing. Sure, there is repetitive playing ability with all the power and experience you gained throughout the game, but, playing it twice, I don't think so. Of course, I also love Blade Runner (not too keen on the movie, though) from Westwood, and that game sure is short, but has many paths and endings so it can be played again and again and... you got the point :) Well, it may be better that this game was short, or else, I'd end up playing it like I did with Final Fantasy VIII, every day, 'til 4am in the morning, with continuation at 6am same day, hehe. Well, at least we know that whenever we see something that's short, it sure means it's great, hehe, and if it wears title like Square Soft or Westwood Studios, then we don't even have to doubt about that :)

The Bottom Line

There are always two type of players - ones that don't like the game, and ones that do absolutely love it. You can guess where I count :) As for the final, the game has interesting story, characters are really nicely done, music is great, animation level is high as well as adrenaline while you play, and there is also infinite number of enemies so you can gain experience, hehe. However, on the contrary to Final Fantasy from SquareSoft, the enemies will encounter only at the same spot. You won't like run to enemy at some place you never did, but where you do encounter them, as long as you walk upside down that place, you'll be able to battle as long as you want. Hey, I'm just glad that' I'm the one to added this game to MobyGames :)