Perfect Weapon Credits (PlayStation)

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Perfect Weapon Credits

ASC Credits

Original ConceptDavid J. Klein
Original DesignDavid J. Klein, Howard Schwartz, Luciano Manente
Executive ProducersDavid J. Klein, Howard Schwartz
Associate ProducerLuciano Manente
Artwork PackagingLeslie Cullen, Sharon Wood
ManualJayson Bernstein, Shamus Bowker, Fred Bratteson, David J. Klein, Luciano Manente, Michael Masone, Howard Schwartz, Sharon Wood
Voice TalentTerry Torok, Susan Didrichsen
TestersRichard Lorenzo, Steven Lorenzo, Michelangelo D'Amico
We Owe Our Essence ToSam Bowker, Scott Fentress, Jana Gabe, Jason Gomez, Steve Grossman, Kelly McAllen, Marcello Praino
Extra Special ThanksKang Suh Chung, Bill Kosovitich

Gray Matter Credits

DesignGray Matter
ProducerRob Anderson
Assistant ProducerDerek Tam
Project LeaderMark Johnston
Art LeaderBryce Cochrane
ProgrammingMark Johnston, Spencer Craske, Andrew Harris
GUI ProgrammingGlen Rhodes
Game AnimationBryce Cohcrane, Alex Mark, Ian Llyod
EnvironmentsBrian Foster, Yi Zhao, Michael Sneath, Paul Stafford
Character ModelsYi Zhao, Alex Brian, Brian Foster
TexturesGrant Corless
Cinema ScenesBrian Foster, Alex Mark
Video EditingDennis Mohr
Tool DevelopmentAlan Penford, Tony Yui, Mike Coons, Gard Abrahamsen
Music and SoundMark Kerr
WriterCalvin Campbell
Concept Art / StoryboardPaulo Bugatto, Ian Llyod
AssistantJamie McNeely
Lead TestingQuincy Roach
TestingDerek Tam, Hugh Cruttenden, Jamie McNeely, Michael Inglehart, Kwame Newman-Bremang, Paulo Bugatto
Thanks to:Adam Mock, Glen Hamilton
Special Thanks to:Kell O'Keefe, Marnie Wyse, Kim Keskinen

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