PGA Tour 96 Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The title screen
This is built up in sections starting with the background picture. When all the writing is in place a ball lands on the green, butterflies waft across the scene etc
The main menu
An overview of the River Highlands course
Before playing a hole the player gets a walkthrough with a narrator advising on the club to use and the line to take
On the green about to tee off
The information bar at the bottom of the screen is removed when the player begins their swing
The game has begun. The first part of the shot is viewed from the player's point of view, later the view shifts to watch the ball land
Playing onto the green
In contrast to later games there is no sound while on the course, no birds sing, no planes roar overhead, no crowd murmuring etc
Playing out of a bunker
Putting for par. The grid appears automatically. This is the first tie the commentator speaks saying "This long put to go one under par"
Here a player celebrates making a long put
Sloping greens are taken for granted these days so having visible height differences within the game must have been really something
The scorecard